Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Bit of Everything...

I figured a few days of not blogging, I would come and update. Colton is doing EXTREMELY well on the potty! He went #2 for the 1st time 2 days ago. Today however has been a lazy day and so we didn't give it our all. My guess is that tomorrow will be about the same because it is Halloween! Since I am living with my parents while my husband is deployed; they are coming with Colton and I. We are going to a trunk or treat and then trick or treating for hour and a half. So because of the holiday I am making cinnamon rolls with orange icing for breakfast. For lunch I am making mummy dogs and dessert is worms n dirt! Colton, I am sure will appreciate this someday. I have tried for this year to make everything very special for him since daddy is gone. This week was a monumental week for us! Colton went potty and learned the letter F. I am very proud!
Tomorrow or Monday I will post pictures of our Halloween festivities! Have a happy and safe Halloween!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Potty Time!

I bought this potty at a garage sale back in July when Colton and I visited my mother-in-law. Well as you know, I have been introducing the alphabet to Colton. This week is 'F' week; so Sunday I disinfected his potty and everytime I had to go I would take Colton. Just to introduce it to see if i would have issues with him being scared or such. Well, he would sit but not go, I think because it wasn't 'his' time. Well yesterday was frog day, we made a puppet and sang the 5 little speckled frogs. It never fails that when he takes a bath as soon as the water hits him, he goes potty. I decided to see if he would go before bath time....AND it worked!! I jumped, praised,and applauded! Then to top it off last night before bed he went again! Today he woke up and we went potty AGAIN and then a couple hours later he went AGAIN! I am so not prepared....I bought a big box of diapers on Friday and have not bought pullups or underwear....I guess that will be my job!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Go Fish!

Today marks 'F' week. Over the weekend I made a fishing game to help with numbers and colors. I got the idea from Totally Tots blog, I put my own spin on it by writing numbers and colors. Colton had fun using the magnet stick ( I didn't have anything that I thought could make a fishing pole with a magnet end). My mom bought Colton a Toy Story 3 fishing game at Family Dollar for the bathtub a few months ago and so we played with it in the kitchen sink and it was fun watching him use the pole to pick up the characters.Tomorrow we will make a frog paper bag puppet and sing the five little speckled frogs song!

Our Pumpkins!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Time flew!

WOW! I can't believe the weekend is about over already! Colton woke up and was clear of whatever cold he caught, but the weather was rainy and cold so another day was spent indoors. Yesterday I got out the different paints and Colton painted his 2 pumpkins and today finished by putting stickers all over them. I had the more difficult job of carving not 1,not 2, but 3 pumpkins! It was totally my idea and yes, maybe I was trying too hard or attempting too much but they all turned out great! Carving is not something that comes easy to me, even as a child with all the carving kits and such I wasn't into it as much. But this year is different; Colton is older and daddy is gone so memories must still be made regardless. I didn't buy any kits or special tools. I went to the library and printed a few templates to help carve. The hardest of the three was Mickey Mouse, so much detail but I wasn't about to let Colton down by not carving the famous 'hotdog.' After two hours of cleaning and carving they were finished and I stood oh so proud. A hurt hand from holding a knife but memories were for sure made and can't wait til next years pumpkin carving!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!! I know I did!

Friday, October 22, 2010

I Hate it When...

My son is sick. It is so sad hearing him cough or looking at his watery eyes. But his smile and laughter fill my heart with joy! When I am sick I want to sleep,comfy pajamas, soup, and bed. My son is almost 19 months and acts like nothing is the matter with him! When I was expecting him, I imagined myself cuddling and watching movies when he was sick; but now I think I may have to wait longer unless he is the child that being sick doesn;t phase him.
Being stuck in the house this weekend, I am really not complaining! Saves gas and money!! Plus, I think it is suppose to rain anyways. I am hoping to carve pumpkins tomorrow with him and make pumpkin seeds I am excited because last year he was way too little and this year he is older and can be more involved. He will be painting his pumpkins and i will be doing the carving with the other bigger pumpkins. A crafty weekend it could be!
What are you planning this weekend?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday!

Yesterday I wasn't feeling well. The sinus and allergy stuff was back and it really amazes me after not having the problem being younger that I have it now...but I guess it makes sense because I have heard you and your body changes as you grow. So all in all, I missed Zumba. For those who don't know what it is; it is a new 'fad' excersise which is also a lot of fun. I live to 'Google' anything that I have a question or curious about so try it with Zumba you may just find something you enjoy.

This morning was a morning full of Sunshine and smiles. I hope your day is full of many smiles and sunshine too!

Monday, October 18, 2010

A weekend full of sunshine

This weekend was exciting. We went to Crossroads Village on Saturday trick-or-treating. We got lots of candy and goodies. Being there was a lot of fun and it was such a great day.

Then on Sunday we went on a nature hike. There are some woods at the fairgrounds in town and decided it was a great day for a nature hike. Grabbed a bag and off we went! It brought back memories when i was younger and my mom took me on the same trail we were on. Colton loved picking leaves and flowers and such and filling his bag. So today continues the alphabet and we will be working on the letter E, so today is environment and will be making a collage or 2 of all the nature we collected.
Hope everyone had a weekend full of Sunshine!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Missing him...

Today has been a great day; but it seems as though today I am missing my husband a lot. Don't get me wrong, I miss him ALL the time, but today it seems he has been on my mind quite a bit by instances through the day. I took Colton to get his haircut and looking at him after, was a shocker to see how a haircut changes the way you look drastically. This was his 3rd time and each time feels like the first. So my point is that he looks way more like daddy.
My husband is serving in the U.S. Army and currently deployed..i.e. the missing him part. The deployment is almost over(THANK YOU LORD!!)  and I think being without your heart for a year is a lot longer than anyone should have to go. No one can say they know how you feel unless they have had to endure it.

A 2nd round deployment wife

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Dogs Day

We continued the letter D today with some Clifford stories and made some puppy chow.
And here is my little doggy...

Hope everyone had a Doggone' good day!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


These past few weeks I have been introducing a letter of the alphabet to Colton. Well, this week is "D" week. Today is dinosaurs and dessert. The picture above shows Colton making dinosaurs. the idea came from Totally Tots blog. We will read a dinosaur book and watch the sesame street dinosaur movie. Have a RoArInG Tuesday everyone!


I am one lucky woman to be married to my soul mate. And to be a mommy to a 1 1/2 yr old little boy. They are my Rays of Sunshine and the reason to wake up every morning with a smile on my face.

Monday, October 11, 2010

This is all New....

This will take me some time to get used to, but am so excited to be able to write my thoughts down. So, to all who read thank you for stopping by!!