Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ocean Unit pt.1

This week I decided to not workout because either I wasn't feeling well or was too tired. Instead, I focused on teaching Colton. I decided on an Ocean/summer unit.
I found some fun worksheets at All Kids Network I must say this site is definitely my new favorite for fun printables. While there, I also noticed there are craft ideas for the matching theme! Genius! of course we had to do a few as well.
To start the week we painted using hands and a foot. 1st you paint the child's foot red and place it on the paper upside down. Then both hands red and place them above the foot. You wait until it dries and connect the hands with the foot with a marker. Add some eyes and some little arms/legs off the foot.
and there you have a lobster! (lower left)

As you see in the picture above there are two more finished crafts. The painted paper plate fish I also found on the website I mentioned earlier. Two paper plates are needed. You cut out a wide triangle out of one of the plates to resemble a mouth. The other plate cut out a figure resembling a mouth. Paint in whatever colors you choose. I let Colton decide what colors he wanted. of course what is a fish without a googly eye? We had to glue one on as well.
Colton working hard on his fishy
The other craft in the picture was found at  Ramblings of a Crazy Woman. I decided to do the coffee filter fish. Of course we had to do two. We have so many of them and two is Colton's favorite number. We colored them with markers and then sprayed them with water. While waiting for them to dry Colton played and I cut out the eyes, scales, and tails for the fish. I used some scrap paper. Now that they are finished, I will be putting them in the craft room windows.
Another fun craft we did was found at the All Kids Network. Using yellow and orange construction paper I traced and cut out Colton's hands. I grabbed a paper plate and free handed the inner circle on a piece of yellow paper as well. Then I placed the glue all around the plate and Colton glued. I had him do orange hands then yellow on top. After we used all the hands, we glued the circle in the middle. Then I took googly eyes and had Colton glue them down and with a sharpie I helped Colton draw a smiley face.
we sure do love sunshine! Can anyone tell me what Summer is without sunshine?
I hope you enjoyed all our fun crafts! If you haven't noticed this is only part one of our Ocean week! So stop on by tomorrow! I will try to post while Colton naps, but I can't make promises because I have an OB appointment! I will also update how the appointment went as well! Have a terrific day!


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