Tuesday, November 30, 2010

'J' is for Jolly!

What is more jolly than Santa? I decided to make a very simple and easy advent calendar that Colton could help make and do too. It took a while searching for something he can do. He is 1 1/2 and so there isn't too many things he can help with. But I stumbled upon THIS idea. It took a few minutes. I cut circles for eyes, triangle for a hat, and a white rectangle for his beard and when I cut it put waves in bottom to look fluffy. Colton glued everything on and I wrote 1-25 and when I reached 25 wrote Xmas! I think I have cotton balls, if not i will stop tomorrow and pick some up. So there is still time to finish! Have fun!
I must add that I bought a snowman with a roll number set to change the countdown as well. As a child do you all remember the chocolate advent calendars too? I had to buy one yesterday when we were at Bronners yesterday. It sure brings back memories and the chocolate is small enough and good enough for an after dinner 'good boy' treat. One time of year to let it be okay, I mean I am sure we took our children to get candy on Halloween; so what is a chocolate once a day?
Isn't he cute? Maybe he looks like an elf...hopefully with a beard he is more of a Santa...

25 Days of Christmas...Day 8!

Trees! I stumbled upon the idea HERE for a tree made out of your child's hand prints. I thought it had to be the cutest craft I have seen in a while and a great idea too! So easy to gather some sheets of construction paper and some other odds and ends. We decorated it with glitter and glitter glue and pom poms. Easy for Colton to decorate and also easy to supervise.
1. Take a piece of paper, I used white copy paper and cut a triangle
2. Green construction paper, I used 3 sheets for my sons handprints
3.Glue hand prints aiming towards the bottom part of tree and start bottom up.
4. Cut a yellow star (optional) and glue to the top of tree
5. Decorate however you like!
I love what little hands can do!
I love it, hope you make them too!
So, as you can see I didn't capture many pictures, just the aftermath. I was on the phone and helping him at the same time. Maybe I should have hung up but I still think he did a great job non the less! December starts tomorrow!!


Josh and I met online. Not on a love matching site,but a yahoo chat room. One night my best friend ( now ex friend) decided to go into a chat room because we were both very bored college students. So we went in one and decided it was lame and got out and just chatted. All of a sudden I get a pm from Josh and we just talked. I asked him everything...found out he is in the Army, living in Hawaii, single, described himself and sounded quite hot. I thought to myself that I had to have him! We continue talking online for a month and we find out our likes and dislikes and so much about each other, I couldn't help but crush on him. I asked him for his number and said he doesn't give it out, I laughed and gave him mine, yeah maybe I shouldn't have but there is such a thing as changing your number. I just felt a strong connection with him and had to hear his voice so he called me and we talked for 4 hours! Yes, a boy talked on the phone for 4 hours straight. It was awesome and from there on our friendship bloomed even more. We continued this until about July and all of a sudden I received nothing from him and no answer from his phone. Come to find out he was deployed to Iraq. So there bloomed our emailing. We emailed everyday and had so much to say. I forgot to mention one of the conversations on the phone he said I love you and we both established we wouldn't do anything with someone else until we met. This was easy for me  and never once thought we would meet. So between emailing and sending a care package every month to him we met in October. Yes, in person and he drove here. He stayed 3 days and we fell even more in love. We had our 1st kiss and my 1st ever kiss. He was 21 and I was 19. He left and there went more emails and so on. Josh proposed that December 31st exactly. He proposed online through email and it was romantic and sweet to me. Of course I said yes without a doubt. That was the extension on his deployment so he was there 15 months! UGHHH Meanwhile I was planning our wedding and decided to get married when he got back.
We were married November 30,2007 and one of the best days of my life! I remember every moment  and everything that happened. I will never forget it. Looking in the mirror seeing me in my dress all done up turning around and thinking this cant be me, someone must be joking. Walking down the aisle I looked Josh in the eyes and seen so much love pour out of him. The room became just him and I and everyone else seemed to vanish. I married the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with with only 3 days of meeting in person. I wouldn't change a thing and love how everything happened and would not or never change a thing. Love is different for everyone and the feelings Josh and I share is so beyond love. I have no idea what is beyond it but I sure feel it.
This year we are not together but I feel him with me in my heart and it is so full today. We shared a very giggly(mostly on my end) conversation over the phone and the goosebumps and fireworks seemed to be going off. I love that man and am the luckiest woman in the world. 3 years today and am excited to see what the rest bring. I love him more everyday.

Monday, November 29, 2010

'J' is for JOYOUS!

Today was a very busy day and a 'j'oyous one at that! We went to Bronners. If you are unfamiliar with Bronners it is the Worlds Largest Christmas Store! And what a magical feeling no matter what time of year! Colton's favorite place to visit by far! The Santa there is always the one that looks like a close replica of pictures of what the 'real' one looks like. We also bought a couple ornaments and an advent calendar. As a child my parents bought my brother and I the ones with a chocolate and story in. So, being that it is Christmas season and it is all about traditions, so of course I had to get Colton one. Then shopped around town and ate lunch at a sit down restaurant, just me and Colton. He was in a great mood and was so behaved. It doesn't surprise me though because he has always acted so well in public. I am blessed to be able to take him anywhere! When we came home he had a nap and then decorated my parents tree tonight. It sure looks pretty. Today was very 'j'oyous!!
What a site!
That is a peek into my day with sunshine!

25 Days of Christmas...Day 7!

GIRLS! I haven't been blessed with a girl yet, but maybe someday. Colton's Godparents has a little girl and she is 3 1/2. Well, I love girls and am one at heart but looking for something to buy them can sometimes be hard to try not be duplicating someone else. So, I stumbled upon an idea to make play makeup! The makeup for little girls is the real stuff and am not a fan and the mother isn't as well, so I bought different cosmetics for us ladies and did my own for her. HERE is where I got the idea. Like her, for the case to hold it all I found a different type of a metal tin that worked for the cute little girl. I added some other girly goodies too.
Unfortunately I didn't take step by step pictures because my camera was in my room where Colton was napping. but the process is EASY  and ANYONE can do this. So pay attention!
1. Buy or little girls I went to the Dollar general and found eyeshadow,powder,and blush. Or you can reuse your old makeup you might be throwing away.
2. Buy nailpolish or use some that you may not be using anymore. I bought some crazy colors and also chose a french manicure set for the one color was a more realistic feel for powder foundation. I also bought a couple extra brushes for a dollar.
3. Take it home, and pop out the makeout somehow. I used a steak knife to get the old out.
4. Wash and dry the cases thoroughly!
5. Pour in your nailpolish; make sure as you do so not to empty the mixing bead out. Fill the little makeup stuff to top.
6. Leave it open and in a well ventilated room to dry for 24 hrs! This is a must!
7. Suggestion is leaving it open to air dry for a week so the fumes can be gone.
Doesn't it look real!?
2 eye shadow sets...a girl needs options!
 So, how do you all like that?! I think it makes for an AMAZING gift and no worries about letting your little girl do as she pleases because she or her room won't be a complete mess when she plays!
Hope you all enjoyed this day of Christmas!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

What a Day!

Woke up at 9am to feel ambitious. I am currently living with my parents in Michigan while my husband,Josh is deployed. So this morning I decided to decorate the house for Christmas. So after breakfast and getting Colton settled I tackled the decorating. I love it actually because I have fun and think as I do it. My grandmother died almost five years ago and she had the Dickens Village. As a child growing up I loved helping her every year put it up and since she has passed, my mom has only set it up once. So I took it upon myself it was overdue. It looks awesome and am really proud of my work. I guess the couple years doing displays in retail paid off. As for the tree since it is artificial and a large one at that it takes a while to put together, it is one of those branch by ranch kind...but in the end it looks real and full. I am not a big fan of a skinny tree that you see so much of the ground, to me those look fake. I do miss the smell of a real tree and the work it takes cutting it down and hearing the man complain. But it is put up and my mom was home just as the last branch was being put in. She wants clear lights on it this tree and I must admit so do I, so until she goes to buy some the tree will just be a tree. Colton woke up from his nap a while later and had no idea what was going on. He stood staring at all the decorations in every room of the house. Even the room we stay in I have decorated as well, I am sure he is in awe and so blessed. My guess is Christmas is his favorite time of the year just because of all the lights and the same reaction on his face for the 2nd year in a row. I miss my husband and can't imagine how he must feel without us where he is, but I have to move on and make every holiday a joyous one for Colton. I have lived this year suck it up and cry later. At night is when I do my breakdowns and I try to keep as busy as I can so I can stay strong for Colton.
Tomorrow I am planning to enjoy a day out with Colton. Like a mommy and Colton day, we both need and deserve it after a busy holiday weekend and a few weeks of not going anywhere. So my posts tomorrow may be late. I hope your weekend was a great one and for those that work, I hope you enjoy your day back. As for the SAHM's, I hope you enjoy your Monday!
As for me, I will be enjoying a day out on the town with my sunshine!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

25 Days of Christmas...Day 6!

Picking from yesterday now today I have a horrid back ache. I blame it on my bed, ughh it is just awful. Anyways today looking at my list of ideas I decided what fun it would be to make a gingerbread man. So I cut one out and we used different textures to decorate him. Glitter glue, pom poms, and glitter pipe cleaners. Colton enjoyed feeling all the different textures and he didn't realize that he just had a little lesson too. Again, not many pictures due to all the textures and helping him. But it sure was fun and adding to this later we will get out the gingerbread play dough we made on day 1 and a gingerbread cookie cutter and cut our pretend ones out.
It is still wet that is why you can see the white glue, but I think he is just darling!
Have fun with your rays of sunshine on this happy Saturday!!

"I" is for inchworm

So yesterday normally is our free day but since there was so many "I" crafts I wanted to cover and yesterday I was feeling really lazy, I decided that today was the slacker pick up day. I found the idea HERE I just thought he was too cute not to do this. I have been saving t.p rolls since we started the alphabet in hopes of a craft that Colton could do as well. I would love ideas from you as well if there is any ideas for crafts with t.p rolls. Any ways here he is, I couldn't get many pictures of Colton doing this craft because I was helping and watching.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Just a tad...lazy

So with all the crazy night of me staying up late online to shop at Toys r us and then waking up in a rush to throw on clothes and head out the door for the craft show in town and then coming home and feeling oh so LAZY...decided to take a break and just enjoy it. So tomorrow I will do what was suppose to be done today. I have another "I" craft that I just can;t help but make to show you all and then figuring out something on my list of what Colton and I should do for a day of Christmas. I hope you ladies all made it safely home and if heading out in the mess I hope you all stay safe! I stayed home in my comfy clothes and ordered online, I find it much easier and less stressful...although next yr may be a different story since the husband will be home and such. And those that missed out there are still all the sales still going on at Toys r us. The only problem I am having is the addiction to stop, how do you tell yourself to stop? I have not bought anything more but I can't help keep searching thinking I missed something. Sad, I know!
So what good deals did you all snag? My best deal was the Tag jr for 17.99! Really excited because Colton LOVES to read and back in the summer I signed up for a free book for it.
Stay warm and a good night for a Christmas movie and hot cocoa!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

To my fellow readers!

I hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful! And for those that celebrate on a different day I hope your Thursday is a happy one! This year has been a tough one for me. My husband is currently serving his 2nd deployment and 1st one in Afghanistan. To some, this is nothing; but for me it is the hardest thing I have ever endured. I am thankful that he is alive and well. I received a phone call and all is well with him, that made me the happiest! I am also thankful that my parents are able to enjoy my son this whole year because they can not come visit us due to a vehicle issue. I am also thankful for my great friends whether the ones I made online or the ones I have in person. But my newest thankfulness comes to YOU! It has only been  month or a little more or less and I have some really great people reading my words. It means a lot to me that someone takes time to read and stop by. I thank you and I hope this last many more years to come!
Today I am surrounded by my parents and my son, missing my husband but he is here in my heart. Watched the parade, now onto football and later a HUGE feast! I am wearing my elastic and pacing myself and I hope you all enjoy your day and enjoy the Rays of Sunshine!

25 Days of Christmas...Day 5!

Just because it is Thanksgiving doesn't mean I have forgotten about the days of Christmas. I told myself I can not miss a day because if I do, I may miss more than one. I decided that with all the crafts there needed to be something to eat. Well, since it is Thanksgiving today and the stove is full and I wasn't feeling homemade last night, I had some sugar cookie mix. My mix called for butter and an egg. Not only was I feeling lazy last night I was also feeling so lazy that I didn't want to stand at the counter cutting out cookies...that is for a different day. I wanted something quick and easy and could involve Colton. So, I did have some m&ms and I added some to the mix...and boy oh boy even non homemade were still as yummy!
So today is all about simplicity, something doesn't have to take a long time or cost a lot of money. As long as you have fun is all that go eat and enjoy!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

25 Days of Christmas...Day 4!

WREATH! For this wreath I traced one hand in green and one in white. To be honest, I don't know why I chose white because I thought that is what I saw as an example. The idea came from CLICK HERE But I chose to do a spin off, I try not to copy exactly everything and sometimes I know there is no choice. I looked once a couple months ago and forgot all about what it looked like, so I guess in my head it added white too haha. Well this is a super easy craft! I cut the inner circle from a paper plate and glued his hands all over the way I wanted. It needed a bow and I had some but did not want to use them on this because I wanted to save the few I have for Christmas gifts. So I began thinking and decided there must be a way to use construction paper to make one. Sure enough, it took a bit of rearranging and such and am IN LOVE with this! What a great way to decorate, I hope you all make this!
Hope you all enjoyed this, as much as we enjoyed making it. This wreath is such a much sweeter keepsake and holds my heart much more than a wreath you have to buy.

"I" is for Indian Corn!

With it being Thanksgiving tomorrow, I thought I had to find a letter I word for Thanksgiving and do a craft we haven't done. So looking around and doing some thinking, Indian corn came to me. I found this CLICK HERE but I only let Colton paint when I am in the mood and today was not one of those days, but this is a cute idea. I chose to do a spin off. I traced Colton's foot and cut out some leaves and let him color with markers. He LOVES markers more than crayons and I think because of the more vibrant color comes out. Here is our Indian corn!
Happy Crafting!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

25 Days of Christmas...Day 3!

Today was one of those days where you feel there is not enough minutes in the day. I had no idea what to do for today as a craft because I don't want to get too much into Santa and Snowmen when Thanksgiving isn't here or over yet. Today's 3rd day is devoted to Nativity and the TRUE meaning of Christmas to me and my family. The presents under the tree, how much you spend,what meal and fancy clothes you wear isn't what makes the world go 'round does it? The simple things in life are what puts the biggest smile on your face. Yes, I want my children to have a very Merry Christmas but I also want him and the future kiddos to know why we are here and what it should mean. In a few posts down I mentioned about the Little People Nativity set being on sale online at the Family Christian Store website. I went and ordered one. I don't have a Nativity set but have always admired them as a child. However, I do not have the money right now to drop some crazy cash but have enough for this one that can be played and loved with by my child and of course me too! Almost perfect to show who everyone is ad such. What I didn't know was that it plays Away in a Manger and lights up! How sweet is that! Colton loved pressing the button to make it sing and did a nice slow dance. I also dug out a book I brought with us this year called The Nativity. the story is about how 4 creatures were involved in the first Christmas. Very cute story and I read it numerous times and we had animal crackers and milk as well. What a perfect day to start out the 25 days o Christmas! Here are a few pictures!
It is darling! Colton has been playing with it for almost 2 hours!
Very cute book and a recommendation I must make!
And here is a simple joy in life....
enjoying a meal with someone you love!
That wraps up Day 3. Tomorrow we will be working on a decoration that uses a body part!

"I" is for Iguana and Ice cream!

Today we learned two new words, he knows what they are but can't or won't say them which is fine. I love how letters can be transformed into words so these two were especially fun and super easy. Colton is becoming a pro at gluing! I just may get him some scissors to practice cutting. There is a company that makes plastic ones. they may not cut paper, but I think it would be fun with play dough. Ok, well there I go rambling on. So here is a few pictures to show how we transformed the letter I. The idea came from Totally Tots blog and the Ice cream one was a spin off from Domiciliary Artillery blog. These are two really great blogs!
We chose purple so we could use up some colors we don't normally use and Colton glued everything on where he thought it belonged!
What is ice cream with no sprinkles? Plus it gave Colton gluing practice!
He was so proud that when he was finished he held it up to show me.
Tomorrow we will be working on another craft that involves a body part!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Operation Kid Comfort!

I am just full of fun today aren't I? Well I HAD to share this with you all. Like the story of the Good Samaritan i would like to keep this going and pass it on to you and hope you pass it on to everyone you know. Either to donate or to get. Operation Kid Comfort is an AMAZING and UNBELIEVABLE organization full of AMAZING people. So, what does this organization do? They make quilts for kids of deployed mothers/fathers! I found this out on a group I am in on Cafemom. I found out in June and emailed them my info and what they needed and then was told it would take time. September came and I wondered if this was too good to be true so I emailed them and received an email that same day saying they were behind and just got started on June's orders. Well I forgot about it until today when I received it in the mail! I opened it up and was in total SHOCK, it was more than words. As I was jumping up and down and had goosebumps all down my arms, I noticed there was an envelope with Colton written on it. I opened it up and it was a card and a little story behind the quilt. I balled like a baby. Colton woke from his nap and I didn't hesitate to show him. He screamed,"DAD!" "DADDY"! Hugged it and have been inseperable ever since. Why would they be? Well, I forgot to mention that they put pictures of the one who is deployed on the quilt!
And by the way, THIS IS FREE! Shipping and the quilt are free! this organization does this for free! That is why it is such an honor to get a quilt someone took the time to make and everyone involved. My son is in LOVE with his and can see and hold,kiss and hug his daddy everyday. Which he has done and even acted like daddy was really there...talking and playing with him; showing him his cars and trains. Here are some pictures and how priceless it is.
Showing me where daddy is.
Pointing to daddy
In the right corner is his trains and cars, showing and playing with daddy!
You saw My Rays of Sunshine beaming bright, my cup over flows!

25 Days of Christmas...Day 2!!!

Today has been busy, but I have not forgot about the 2nd day of Christmas. Today Colton and I; well mostly me worked on some ornaments. I bought 2 boxes of clear glass ornaments and poured paint in,shook and let it dip in plastic cups. Then painted one of Colton's hands white and put it on the ornament...waited for it to dry and got out some Sharpies and made the fingers into snowmen. The idea came from an ornament my brother made years ago in school. I wanted to use that idea but add a wow factor. The hand print I was going to leave plain until THIS idea on this blog I came across. But I wanted the whole hand instead of their idea. I also added Colton's name and year on bottom(palm).
What you will need!
I love how these ones turned out! Colton chose the orange, so i decided to add another for daddy too!
I really love these! I am very excited to see people's reactions when they open these. I am also adding a poem to them!
So that concludes the 2nd day of Christmas! Come back tomorrow and see what it will bring!

"I" is for Ice!

So today began the letter 'I' for the week. I decided to do some fun things with ice. ice can be a very fun thing! I read somewhere and can't for the life of me remember where I saw this at so please forgive me for that. But our 1st thing we did was put a bunch of ice in a bowl and pour salt on it then use Neon food coloring and watch what happens! You HAVE to use the Neon kind because of what it makes the ice looks like. It is so pretty seeing it become an iridescent wonder! Colton loved pouring the salt on and also watching the ice become really shiny! My favorite was hearing him say ice his cute little voice melts my heart. It is all about little joys isn't it? Another fun thing we did was after bath time, I should have remembered to do it before but hey sometimes a mommy gets busy. I had a genius idea to fill an ice cube tray with water to make more ice cubes but add food coloring to it and freeze it and then use the ice to paint with! Colton had fun and I even had to dig in and try it it was a lot of fun and my mom and brother even were amazed. I can't believe I thought of this! Here are some pictures of our "I" day!
Touching and playing with the ice.
Add the melts so quick! Colton said OOOO!
Look how pretty!
It is like a cheap version of water colors!
Hope you have fun, I know we did!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


What a VERY cold day here in Michigan. I have been bundled in my sweats and a blanket; curled up to my little boy and movies. I am going to make some hot cocoa later too! I buy boxes of that stuff throughout the year just because there are those summer days where you wish it was cold and snuggly. No one said that there was a law against buying hot cocoa in the summer right? I would like to try my hand at homemade because it sounds very easy but every time I go to the grocery store or running errands I always have that feeling I forgot something and sure enough when I come home I forgot to get the ingredients.  I am excited for the 25 days of Christmas movies on the ABC Family channel! They start tonight and I am SO excited I try to watch them all. Last year I missed many of them because my husband and I were packing to move me and Colton here while husband deployed. Speaking of which, I can't believe it has almost been a year since we have packed and moved here; which means his deployment is coming to an end! WOO HOO!
I am however, excited for this week because I have some great crafts planned! So there is LOTS in store for you readers. I love the feeling that there is people actually reading my words and possibly using my ideas or the passed on crafts I have done so far. So I thank you to you readers and i hope you pass my blog on to yur fellow friends, I would like to have 25 followers and am thinking when I reach that point to give a gift card to a lucky reader.
I am enjoying my rays of sunshine on this very cold day and I hope you are all too! What are your favorite things to do when it's cold?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Just a few of my favorite things

1.Blogging,looking for new ones,visiting my favorites. I am addicted!
2.Soft cushy socks! They are cheap and so comfy!
3.My laptop/internet. I am always online surfing the web and sorts.
4.My cell phone I take pictures and video and the occasional phone call from my amazing husband.
5. Texting,had to have its own spot because I LOVE it
6. Cafemom and Facebook
7. Scrap booking and Crafting
8. My Cricut! I don't know how I have survived scrap booking and doing crafts all this time!
9. Shopping, it my stress reliever
10. Purses! I have so many and will never stop buying them
11. My camera and taking pictures. I have a Nikon D3000 and it is AMAZING!
12. Dollar Stores-enough said
14. Cooking and Baking I like to think that I am good at both.
15. Jewelry-I like yellow gold mostly
16.Hair ties are a necessity and a great invention!
17. Window Clings-I have to have them for every season!
18. Iced Tea-unsweetened I could not live without it
19. McDonald Mocha Frappes if someone knows of the 12 step program please let me know!
20. Coconut M&Ms mmmm they are SO YUMMY!
21. Children, I love kids
22. Marriage
23. Coupons
So that's just a few. I chose 23 because that is how old I am. What are some of your favorite things?

Friday, November 19, 2010

25 Days of Christmas...Day 1!

I am starting 25 of Christmas. My own version and lots of crafts and fun! This took time to think of what to do, plan, and buy so I hope you all enjoy as we will here at the house. Most that is planned is kid friendly as well. Anything homemade on my list is at the top and love creating because everyone has their own imagination and it is fun watching a child create  and using senses as well.
Day 1- PLAY DOUGH! We love play dough here and the home made kind  is WAY cheaper and lasts longer and the possibilities are ENDLESS! I decided to do 3 kinds...yes, I said 3. Christmas has many scents and I want to start the season by introducing them to Colton to get his senses going. In the previous post I mentioned the free download of the Veggie Tale Christmas album. While we were pouring and mixing and creating these play doughs we listened. Colton stopped every now and again to dance. I researched these play doughs and the recipes are everywhere so I can not find where I found the recipes because I honestly just googled it.
The ingredients for all 3 play doughs.
2c water  2c flour   1c salt   4tsp cream of tartar   4tbs veg.oil   4tbs peppermint extract(1 bottle)  glitter(optional) It looks better with glitter, I used red for a peppermint look :)
Mix all ingredients in heavy saucepan. Cook over med.heat. Stir CONSTANT with a wooden spoon(you don't need to use a wooden spoon I never did) until mix thickens and pulls away from the sides of the pan and forms into a ball. Take out and sprinkle with glitter! SMELLS YUMMY!
When you add the glitter and knead it in it DOES NOT come out anywhere when you play!
1 1/4c flour  1/2c cocoa powder  1/2c salt  1/2tbs cream of tartar  1 1/2 tbs veg.oil   1c water
Mix dry ingredients in med. pot. Add wet ingredients over low heat until ball forms. Remove from pot and knead by hand until smooth and evenly colored. (warning, when i was kneading this seemed dry for some reason but still play worthy)
Use the Chocolate play dough recipe but instead of cocoa you use 1/2tsp all spice  1/2tsp nutmeg  1tsp ginger  Since these spices run expensive I went to  the Dollar store and bought cheap versions and am not sure what a 1/2 tsp is but I guessed and so it didn't smell like I thought, but I think it is right because in a honesty I have never smelled or tasted anything gingerbread. Although the play dough looks funny and it may be the cheap spices. However, it smells ok and it is something to add to a sensory list!
It doesn't matter how something looks or smells because my child will play with it. I actually like how you can see all the spices in this one :)
Don't forget that when it gets done cooling to store in airtight containers! These make great stocking stuffers and the recipes make a lot so you can do half of what they call for.
This is not all of it, the rest is in ziploc bags.
So day 1 was a hit in my opinion. I hope you all enjoy and stay tuned. I will continue the days on Monday!
My Sunshine was burning bright today and hope yours was too!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Websites to get you in the spirit!

Ok, so as the Holidays come and move in closer and everyone is sprantic; I thought of putting up a few websites worth checking out. Some may be common, but not everyone knows these offers or such.AMAZON DOWNLOAD 
Ok the above in purple is the link to this Amazon download. Colton loves Veggie tales as do I, hey they are funny don't make fun. Anyways, it is a Christmas mp3 download of their Christmas album. The cd is priced as 9.97 so being free is great!
I happen to LOVE cafemom and if you don't know what site this is please go and join. I have made friends, learned a lot, and also got so many great ideas about everything including hobbies and life. So the other day I was in one of my groups I am part of and a member mentioned a website. CLICK HERE that website has everything Christmas. Music,recipes,crafts,and ideas. It is a site worth looking at!
I also mentioned in a past post about the Barnes and Noble kids club. Well, it is free and amazing already! Two days after signing up I received an email with a 30% off coupon for any kids item! So of course I used it on one of Colton's larger Christmas gifts. Barnes and Noble sells more than just books and movies. They have toys(Thomas,Melissa and Doug,Lego etc.) Plus, they also have online story time! CLICK HERE and it will be at the bottom left!
Another site is  CLICK HERE it is Family christian store. Why it is a great site is because right now at this moment the Fisher Price Nativity Set is on sale! It normally is 39.97 and is on sale for 29.97. BUT it can get cheaper! I am a follower of CLICK HERE this blog and that too is a great site and where I found out the sale on this item I have searched high and low for! It gets better! At checkout enter code 122526301 this code lasts until Nov.21 and this fisher price nativity is what I wanted, but there is so many other items on this site as well.
Also, keep up on the blog and tell all your friends. Something that I have had in the works for a couple months now will start its unveil! Hope you enjoy the sites and let me know what your favorites are! Enjoy your sunshine!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our 'H' week so far...

So this week has been an exciting one! Between Christmas shopping and learning a new letter plus just errands it has been crazy busy. I am out of my slump and back on track though, so it is nice for sure! A few words this week has been House,Hippopotamus,Heart,and Hands. So here is what we worked on....
I found this idea at Totally Tots blog. I loved seeing a letter transform into something and so did Colton!  

We read Colton's new favorite book and made this hippopotamus from hearts. I decided to put it on a craft stick for a puppet feel while we read the book.
We read this book today and made the hand turkeys and now I notice that we forgot to put feet on them. OOPS! This book is SO CUTE! We will continue reading it until Thanksgiving.  
I think Thanksgiving gets jipped because of Christmas. There is so much to be Thankful for and it is so nice instilling in Colton now what Thanksgiving is all about and gets us in gear for Christmas! Hope you all enjoy!

Monday, November 15, 2010


GO HERE! and get in on the giveaway! So cute and a great blog as well, I might add!

A few things you all should know!

Today I received an email from Barnes and Noble, in it was a kids club they have started! It is free!!! The upside of it is you receive 30% off list price on childrens books, for every $100 spent you receive a $5 reward and this is not even all! So sign up today! If your children loves books like Colton, this would definitely be an amazing thing! Plus, if you are not aware that the store also offers story time and some stores also offer Adult interests as well, just click stores and events! Barnes and Noble click here!

Another thing you all should know is about Black Friday yes I had to bold it like the death because it sure feels it when your out there fighting the crazies! So, avoiding them is what i definitely try to do because it is NOT worth it to me. I am being a very generous person today and telling you all the stores ads! YES I AM FOR REAL!BLACK FRIDAY SALES/STORES CLICK HERE!  You will want to bookmark or put in favorites so you can come back to this site every year.

Also, I am thinking of doing some kind of giveaway either after Christmas or before. What do you all think?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lazy and Sad

It has been a very lazy day. The day has drug on and I really can not wait until it is over, just a few more hours! The dark and gloomy days are no fun and just make you feel so blah. That is for sure how I feel...blah. Being an Army wife when you have a deployed husband who you haven't heard from in six days definitely doesn't help make matters better. I mean, yes I received an email saying he was ok and all that today but it was short and quick and not what I was hoping for AT ALL. So nap time came for Colton and my bed was calling my name as well. The nap helped a bit but when I woke I hoped it was days or even months later. I can't help but feel what some would call selfish. I mean I should be grateful my husband emailed and said he was alright but instead I am angry, not at him but at the job he does. I am proud and thankful for what he does but I also am counting the months until he is out of the Army for good. Should I act this way? Maybe not. Should I be so selfish? Maybe not. Should I be jealous of all the women that can see their s/o everyday? Maybe not. But this is who I am and can not change the way I feel. I have what I call semi-anger when I hear or see a couple fighting because my husband isn't here with me where he should be and this couple is arguing,when instead they should be thankful and grateful for each other if not then move on. Maybe this is wrong to feel because my husband is a volunteer and should know what he signed up for and me as well. I mean I said yes to the proposal and in all reality also said yes to the Army. But I fell in love with Josh and so what he does and who he is at this moment is an American soldier and for that I am blessed, but I will continue feeling how I feel; that can't be changed.
*Just a note, this is not a post to create controversy, I am just expressing how I feel and getting stuff off my chest so please don't take offense to any of this. Thank you*

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fun at the Park!

The past couple weeks have been hectic with having to fix the heat in the truck and the instrument panel and then having to disconnect wires. So with all the problems being fixed it as kept us home or going not far from home. Colton and I were both antsy to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather we are having here in Michigan. Before we know it it will be snowing and ice on the roads to keep us home bound. So we packed up and left for the park! My good friend Erica showed us the park so many months ago so we will drive the 10 minutes it takes to go because Colton LOVES it and I love there is so much room to run and play and so many options to have fun and play for him being a toddler. My brother came along too which was a nice change of things and gave me more time to get pictures and to have help as well. I definitely need two extra hands! The most fun colton had was the pen he found and tapping it on all the metal poles hearing what all the sounds make. After the park we went to lunch at the Chinese buffet. Whenever the opportunity comes to go to Chinese I take it because Josh is not fond of it. All in all it was a great day! The sunshine was bright today for sure!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Saturday!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Veterans Day!

So yesterday was Veterans Day and had such a busy day I wasn't able to post. My husband is in the Army. I am not going into how we met and all that, that will be saved for a different post. Josh has been in for 5 years or more. I believe it will be 6 for him this March. Well he is currently serving his 2nd tour. the 1st was in Iraq for 15 months and this one is in Afghanistan. The 1st as a family and married couple. So this one is the worst and harder on me than ever before. Being strong until I go to bed is my only way.
I am a proud wife of my soldier and have so much more patriotism because of the life I live now. I have grown more understanding and care for the families of the Military. My life for this year has been emails and occasional phone calls. I instill in our son everyday how much his daddy loves him and how much he is doing for everyone in the USA. He wore his 'daddy is my hero' shirt yesterday so proud and we said the Pledge of Allegiance numerous times and made a flag as a craft. Because yesterday 'G' was for gratitude.
 Colton really enjoyed making this craft. I cut the stars and drew lines and of course wrote the saying. but he glued everything and colored. I did show him the spots to glue.
From my family to yours, THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SERVICE!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

'G' is for Grow!

Last week was so hectic the letter G had to wait until this week. Yesterday was green and guitar. Today was grow. We had a lot of errands to run and in search for seeds but it is off season and no one had any. My mom did however, and they were radish seeds. Well, I just wanted to teach the concept to Colton so we will see if they actually grow or not.His Godparents sent him a book a few months ago called "A Tiny Seed" by Eric Carle and I read that as well and also did a cut and glue craft. I cut the different steps and Colton glued them on the paper. I put the glue in the spots which he had to help with and he put the steps of the seed to a flower on the spots. He loved this as I did watching him. He applauded when he was finished. It is his way doing anything when he does a good job and accomplishes what needs to be done and completed! Here is a few pictures.

  My little ray of sunshine has grown SO MUCH these past 19 1/2 months!