Saturday, February 26, 2011

Getting Settled....

What a week it has been! I am sooooooo sorry I still do not have internet and will hopefully sometime this week. My little family are getting settled and unpacked in our home. man, why did noone seem to tell me that even renting a home is a lot of work? of course not as much as when you buy, but still quite a bit of work is put into a home.
I made it after a 12 hr drive following my husband with a toddler in my vehicle. I am not only impressed, but proud of myself. We are unpacked (thanks to me) and still need to hang decor and pictures. I must add i am in love with this home. It is our first actual house and I can not for the life of me wonder why we did not think about renting sooner. There is so much room here and there is a sun room with easy clean up floors and LOTS of windows; know where I am going with this? Yep...CRAFTS! Once my husband gets paid next week a folding table is on our list.
Here is a list of things to come here on the blog as soon as internet comes to the Price home:
  1. An entertainment center play kitchen
  2. petcakes review and giveaway
  3. My lipstuff review and giveaway
  4. Home Management Binder
  5. 2nd birthday boy plans
  6. St.Patricks Day crafts/cooking
  7. recipes
  8. felt board
That is a few things I will be posting soon once we get internet thank you for not leaving and I am sorry it has been so long for my fingers to hit these keys it feels so nice to post. Talk to you soon! In the meantime, I will be enjoying My Rays of Sunshine!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Apologies are in order. I have been around blog hopping and reading and catching up on everyones blog and haven't been blogging much. My husband is on his way here tonight actually. I could not be happier! I am so nervous and so excited! My husband and I have been married three years and together four. We have only seen and ben in each others presence for two. Sound a little weird? Well, we met online. No, not on a dating site, in a yahoo chat room. He messaged me and it really was love at first type. We met on his R&R from Iraq and then when he came home we married. A couple months later I went to be with him to Hawaii. We were there for a year and then I got pregnant, he reenlisted and we went to Kentucky for a year. He then deployed to Afghanistan and Colton and I came to live with my parents.
Now over a year later tonight, he is on his way here to me and Colton. I thought he should have waited until morning but he decided that he wanted to wake up to me on my birthday. He can truly be super sweet when he feels like it. So tomorrow will be spent packing up a moving truck and taking breaks to smile and kiss. We still feel like newlyweds and truly still are in a way. I am so much more in love with him than ever and cannot wait to see him. I am one very lucky lady.
So, I may or may not be on to post that much. When I get a moment, if I get a moment I will. We have the moving van for four days and in that time we will be getting everything from storage and then unpacking. I want to mention I have some reviews and a couple giveaways as well. As well as some HUGE fun projects. So PLEASE saty tuned and stay with me. Thank you!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


What a secret to keep for two whole days! I wanted to announce once my husband signed the lease. He signed about an hour ago! Since we are now renters of a home and has a place to live; my husband is driving up here tomorrow after work and will get here late night/early Friday.
Oh, and have I mentioned Friday i will be turning 24? I will be one happy woman to have my family reunited!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wednesday Blog Hoppin!

Click the button and link up! Making friends, and visiting new blogs is what it is all about! Happy Wednesday!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!

I am excited to announce I received my 2nd blogger award! Carissa at Domiciliary Artillery gave me! I have to say, her blog is AMAZING and a favorite of mine. So when she gave me this award, I was beaming with joy and still am.

Here are the Rules:
- Thank the person who gave you the award!
- Share 7 things about yourself
- Pass the award on to 10 other versatile bloggers.
- Let those other bloggers know that you gave them the award.
Thank you,Carissa for the award! Now, head on over to her blog! you will not be sorry!
  1. Since blogging, I am ADDICTED to ANYTHING BLOG
  2. My favorite store is the Dollar Store, everywhere I have lived I know where the best one is.
  3. Even before being a mom, I lived by a routine.
  4. I plan everything and make lists ALL the time! I plan where we go and what we do, if it is not planned I kind of freak out. My husband thinks I'm crazy.
  5. I don't let Colton watch certain cartoons because either they annoy me, they don't teach anything, or I just am not a fan. (Dora,spongebob, and just about anything on cartoon network)
  6. If I don't know something, or am trying to find something I 'google' it. Believe me, it works EVERY time!
  7. Colton has TONS of toys and I know if soemthing is missing. I will hunt for every train, puzzle piece,crayon,car,truck,and animal until I come to a resolution where it is.
Here are some favorites I spend a lot of my blogging time at!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Crafts

The plan was to be able to see my husband for Valentine's Day. The military normally gives four days off after they debrief. HAHAHAHAH(sarcastic) my husband told me Friday that he won't get four days but everyone else does. Which is awful, but works out since we STILL don't have a home. We got SUPER close to moving in and had a slight error. We are very both stressed,upset,angry,frustrated,and so homesick for one another. Friday is my 24th bday and I HOPE that he will fly in because if he does that will mean we have a place. We can't stay on post even if we wanted to because the wait list is back like 6months. Sad, I know and we should have got on it anyways and long ago, but it is something he just doesn't want to to do; he is stubborn just like me. So until we have a place to live I am holding off on the two reviews and giveaways I have planned.
Onto the crafts, the other day the girls were over to play with Colton and we set out to craft their little hearts out. We spent two hours at least on doing all sorts of fun crafts. Then the following day we worked on two smaller crafts since we were so bored. i like going outside to play but it just is a lot of work bundling us up and heading out. Lazy, I know. So now I will share pictures of all our fun crafts. if you have questions about any of them feel free to ask!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A NeW way to bake!

I just love Frugal Family Fun blog! it is JAM packed full of fun stuff for kids to do. When I saw this idea I KNEW I had to do this! Sewing is something I really want to do and seems more and more people are learning it. I hope to learn soon, but until then I will stick with crafting without sewing.
I love felt and I love that it is a quiet toy that doesn't make a loud noise or sing a crazy song. After working in a toy store for a couple years I still can block out noise. What I can't block out is my child attempting at making more noise to see what can be louder.
Since my friends came over with their girls to play with Colton, I thought how perfect the idea would be for all of them. I made a set for each child and put it in their goody bags. I found felt for .33 and bought cookie colored, red,pink,purple, and white. I cut hearts for cookies, small hearts for frosting from red and pink. As well as sprinkles in other colors. For the dough I rounded the corners. The kids didn't get to playing with it the day they were here because of all the crafts and playtime. So Colton got to play with his the next day. He really enjoyed it and since then we have played with it everyday as well as Valentine playdough we made.

After nap I surprised him so his hair is crazy!!

Blowing on the cookie because it was 'hot'
What a cheap,cute,and fun afternoon of baking we had and the clean up was easy-peasy!


Since blogging, I have came across some recipes for homemade playdough. The Playdoh in the store isn't that expensive but it stinks and dries out fast. I have bought it and you never know how long it has sat on the shelf either because I have bought one that was nice and pliable and another containers contents was dry and crumbly. Well, after looking up recipes and such I am addicted to making homemade playdough. I have made pumpkin pie, apple cinnamon,chocolate, and peppermint glitter. Now, I can add pink lemonade and tropical punch.
I made koolaid pink lemonade playdough for the Valentine playdate/craft day we had and it was a huge hit! It was such a hit with me that I found my favorite flavor tropical punch and had to make another batch.
Koolaid Playdough
1sm pack of koolaid
1c flour
1/2c salt
3tbs veg.oil
Mix those ingredients together. Bring 1c water to a boil and add it to dry ingredients and mix together well. Knead it together a bit and store in an airtight container. The airtight container will keep it from drying out.
I hope you all try this and if you do let me know what flavors you use!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine fun for mommies and 3 little kids

I was so ecstatic to host a Valentine craft and playdate for these three cute kids! The moms of the girls are my close friends here in Michigan and Colton just loves playing with kids his age. The pictures of yesterday will forever be in my heart of the day.
I had Valentine cellophane bags from when my grandma was alive. She was also crafty and made kids in the neighborhood bags up and these bags I found cleaning my moms house and snagged them. In the bags I put some heart doilies, foam hearts, a pink foam train, a heart cut from cereal box, and also a felt cookie baking set I made. I tied them with white yarn. I cut a white paper placemat with their names and put the bags on them and also made Pink Lemonade playdough for each child in their own container. I had purple,pink, and red construction paper sittin in middle of table and my crafting caddy full of fun stuff. I also made rice krispie treats and shaped them in hearts. This day was fun for both Colton and I and will forever live in my heart.
All the kids and even the mommas had so much fun and I wish I could have thought to do this once a month or more with them.
I will now get to the pics of the afternoon.

Awaiting the kids

Fun crafting time!

Making playdough cookies
All three kids made som really cute crafts and had a blast. They all played really well together and no break downs until everyone was ready to leave. But that was my child having the break downs and so he departed a little early for a nap. I have to add, when he woke he cried when he realized the girls had left. I will post recipe for the playdough as well as directions for making the felt set. Thank you to my friends for coming over and spending the day with us!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I have an announcement to make.Insert mountain top and the people listening here:MY HUSBAND IS HOME!!!!!!!! Ok, he is not home as in with me yet. However,he is back at base and looking for us a house to rent so Colton and I can go be with daddy. I am ECSTATIC! I do not watch the news while he is deployed at all. Not even the weather. So, I can now watch the news and Today show I have missed. I can now talk to my husband on the phone and be able to sleep a bit better too. the bed is still empty without him and the mattress hurts to sleep on, but sleeping itself is a bit better not having nightmares and worry. I am a worry wart so I still worry but the deployment worry is off my shoulders.
Now the worry is focusing on finding a home to rent. Especially knowing that in Tennessee the state practically shuts down when an inch or two of snow hits. Which leaves, the housing offices closed. My husband says he hopes  he can fly here on Monday. Meaning Monday Valentine's Day. I HOPE and PRAY he does! Another holiday however how small or big without him is soemthing I don't want to experience again without him. Plus, my birthday is next Friday and all I want is my husband.
I just wanted to share with all of you that my love is home and it feels so nice to hear his voice whenever I want. I would share a picture or two of him but this laptop is a couple months old which means no pictures of my husband are on it. But you can bet when I do see him I will have camera in hand  and will share as soon as I can.
Another update: I have 2 reviews and giveaways but waiting until I move to do them since everything is happening so fast.


LET'S GO STEELERS, LET'S GO! LET'S GO STEELERS, LET'S GO! A couple weeks ago I FINALLY purchased Colton's first ever jersey! Colton was conceived in Hawaii and  Troy Polamalu ROCKS! So of course I had to go in search for a 3t. I must say the search was rough, but did manage to find one and I chose a big size so Colton will get use out of it. Children grow out of stuff like it goes out of style, so when you invest money into something like a jersey for a child, I choose a big size.
On to the game- poor coin flipped heads which gave the Packers the advantage. I too would have chose tails. So with that, the Packers scored and left the first half for the Steelers in need of some waking up. Also left the fans with watching the halftime show...which I think could have been A LOT better! I am not a fan of Black eyed Peas to begin with, but they do have a couple songs I like. Everyone has their own opinions and my opinion on Slash making an appearance was AWESOME! I just thought his hat was WAY cool and so blingy! Second half was on and Steelers started really getting down and dirty until the last few seconds of the game and gave the Packers the ball...not a great choice and an accident but there is always next year right? I am not a sore loser and my team of choice didn't win, but it was still a fun game to watch.
As for the commercials, they weren't as good as I was hoping. I missed the snickers commercial. I thought cars talking in most of the car commercials was dumb. The budlight commercial that looked like a western movie with singing at the end was HILARIOUS! The E*Trade baby is ALWAYS a favorite and this year the kid looked just like my Colton, the facial expressions and everything that baby did is what Colton does all the time. I am looking forward to Transformers in July and Rango next month!
What about you, What did you think of the game,halftime show,and commercials?

Snow hills,snow painting, and snowmobiles!

Days ago I mentioned some snow play we had. Lots of painting the snow and running around. Tag too. Well, here I am with some pictures of our fun day! Since then, on Sunday we also went down the road to visit some friends. We went down the snow hill they made and went tubing on the snowmobile. Boy o boy did Colton ever have so much fun! They also have 3 husky dogs that Colton didn't want to say bye-bye to.
It was a fun-filled afternoon with some great friends!

We sure did have a lot of fun!! I took a lot of pictures as usual! How was your Sunday afternoon?

Tuesday Train!

Pulling ut of the station and going hopping from car to car...enjoy and have fun making new friends!


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sunday Hoppin!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Saturday Hoppin!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

What a CrAzY couple days!

Well yesterday was INSANE with the snow storm! Tuesday night I even heard thundering and sleet! What I was amazed about was the thunder. My parents live in the country and so by the time we woke up Wednesday morning the drifts were high in spots and the road was shut. The plow came by and shut all the driveways in and cleared the road only for about a half hour. The wind was blowing so hard and the snow kept coming down until abround dinner time. Today, the sun was shining and roads were defintely better. Colton and I had fun playing out in the snow and pictures will come soon. A lot of the snow was drifty and Colton gets stuck easy and falls down; he knew this so he stayed away. We enjoyed a mild snow fight and running and laughing. It sure was great to get out and play in it! This weekend I am planning for us to catch up on little things we need to go venture out to get and the rest of the time will be spent inside crafting and playing or outside snow fun!
I wanted to let you all know there is a review AND giveaway coming up. I unfortunately do not know when I will get to posting it however since there is SO MUCH going on right now.
Just stay tuned!
What are your plans for the weekend?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wednesday Hop!! Great way to meet new friends and find some very neat blogs!


With all this snow we are suppose to be getting and how cold it is, I thought just how nice some yummy sweets would be. Since February is my birthday month and what I call Vday, some chocolate covered pretzels and marshmallows with valentine sprinkles sounded quite good to me.
Instead of using the microwave to melt the chocolate like most would do, I used the stove top. Much quicker and easier to me.
What you will need:
1 bag of pretzel rods 1 bag marshamallows  1 bag strawberry heart marshmallows 1bag chocolate chips rubber spatula  1small bowl or pot waxed paper  Valentine sprinkles

Lay out your wax paper, open the bags of goodies and sprinkles. Empty the bag of chocolate chips in the pot with stove on medium heat stirring. The chocolate chips will melt fast so stir just until dissolved and creamy. Then dip pretzels and marchmallows in the chocolate and then dip in sprinkles and set on waxed paper until the chocolate hardens.

This was something very simple and easy to do. Instead of Colton helping and wanting to eat instead of make, I chose to do this while he napped. I must say they taste YUMMY!!!! Let me know if you try them! Stay warm and toasty in your homes! Enjoy your Rays of Sunshine!