Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fun at bath time!

I have been meaning to post this last week. Between napping,cleaning,and working out. On top of a demanding 2 year old that seems to need any and all attention lately(not complaining) I haven't gotten much blogging done like I should be.
Anyways, moving on. Colton loves his bath time so much! he has quite a few toys to play with but I want to 'spruce' it up. So, I took some shaving cream and food coloring and mixed up some bath paint. It was fun and  he enjoyed it so much! I gave him a paint brush to paint it ALL OVER. The neat freak I am didn't mind having a crazy colored kid or bath tub...BECAUSE it washes right off!!! He played for a long time and even smelled good too :)
Here are some pictures!

Pregnancy, Week 20-21

20 weeks! Half way!
These 2 weeks were pretty good. I have been getting tired more and more. My cravings have almost seemed to subside. I can't seem to get over how I still am wearing my normal pre-pregnancy clothes though. I had my OB appointment this week as well. I told the doctor my fears and wants. Everyone has a fear for something. Mine is going to the hospital and never leaving. I know, weird. But I have dealt with relatives who have died in them,seen the angels and so forth. For that reason, I think has a lot to do with my high blood pressure, because once I am there and relaxed my blood pressure drops to normal; but when I first get there it is high. Anyways, the baby sounded great and also talked about having another csection. We  talked about it a lot at the appointment and I decided that would be best for me and the baby.

Another great appointment this week was the gender ultrasound! I was a nervous wreck! I couldn't and didn't sleep well. The husband and I wanted a girl this time. Our reason is we wanted to be done having kids. If we had a boy this time, we would try one more time for a girl.

meet...... Kruz Brian Price! I have to be honest, we were sad at first and I cried on the way home. Once home, we both became happy once it hit us. Colton will be a GREAT big brother and we are so lucky to be parents of not one, but TWO handsome boys!
I also have to include a small clip of him moving around in there :)
So, it has been a monumental couple week/weeks in our household. Thank you for stopping by and enjoying My Rays of Sunshine!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pregnancy, Week 18-19

I had a scare. At my last appointment I was told I had an abnormal papsmear. Now, I have never had one before and I guess people have them all the time. Well, not me. I was in shock and so scared because I automatically think cancer. Of course I think the worst right? Oh and to top it off the nurse checked my blood pressure AFTER telling me this. It was in the 150s! I have had high blood pressure before but man, that was too high for me. So she waited until the doctor came in to explain more. the doctor says it is nothing and don't worry, well of course he was a man. I am stereo typing here and am sorry to all the men and women even that may be offended, but of course I am going to worry! To me, it's a big deal. Well, I cam back this week for a coloscopy. What this is is a microscope they use to look closer at your cervix by swabbing it with different solutions to see if anything shows up. If something shows up it may lead to me having a biopsy. Well, long story short it was NOTHING!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!! I was so relieved!
Also, the doctor checked the babys heart beat and was so exciting listening to the beat. 153 :) I walked out of there with my head held high and a smile on my face. After praying and hoping it was nothing.
Here are some pictures from the past two weeks :)

Camping a new way!

Camping is something we haven't done as a family....yet. I have always wanted to go for a weekend but we don't have the gear. Which, is something we need to start accumulating. Surfing the wonderful blogs out there I came across some fun new ways you can have fun with camping without leaving your house.
I went to 2 Teaching Mommies and downloaded the printables I felt Colton could do as well as challenge him. I added a sensory bin to the unit as well. Colton loves sensory bins and I love coming up with new ideas for them. At the end of the week we had pizza and decorated the living room into a fort camp type of thing. Watching movies and 'camping' out. We had fun for sure and will be something we do again.
 A yummy snack we enjoyed were s'more cookies. Add marshmallows to your chocolate chip cookie recipe and a graham cracker on top and bake no more than 11 minutes. BUT when I plan on making them again I will be adding crushed graham cracker to the cookies instead of a graham cracker underneath the cookies didn't taste as good and the cracker ruined the cookie over time.
Do a dot pictures
Here are some pictures of the fun camping week we had!
The sensory bin: sticks and pinecones from the yard. beans to be pretend stones, and  felt sleeping bags,  and of course dyed rice :)
size sequencing and enjoying yummy apple slices
A fun craft: red and yellow paint to make 'fire' blow the paint with a straw to spread the fire all over. Color popsicle sticks brown for logs to finish!
Counting fireflies
learning shapes with camping gear...he caught on QUICK

I thought I took pictures of the cookies but I guess I didn't. That was our camping fun. So much fun and so enjoyable. Learning and crafting too!