Monday, January 31, 2011

Do you hear that?

TUESDAY TRAIN IS HERE!! Jump on and meet some people!!!

Our Snow fun!

One morning I woke up to TONS of snow and it had been so cold last week that I just couldn't seem to bundle us up and go out to play in it. So we got to this weekend and boy o boy was it something we both needed! After being cooped up in the house for so long, to be able to blow off some steam was just so nice. Running, screaming, discovering, and laughing while playing in the fluffy white stuff was just what this momma and little boy needed. We had so much fun. I filled up an empty Dawn bottle with water and food coloring and another water bottle with water and food coloring and we went out nd even painted the snow. However, next time I will use the primary colors. Neon didn't show up as well. Colton still had fun figuring it out how to squirt it out and figure out that snow can turn colors. Tomorrow we are suppose to have a HUGE blizzard and so by Wednesday some cities will get 12in of snow, but I think where I live we will get maybe 4-8. Still, a lot of snow so hot chocolate,sledding, painting, and tag is where you will find us. Here are some of our snow day fun pictures!
I finally remembered to try out some new filters my husband bought me for my Nikon friend and boy I had a blast just taking pics to see what each one did.

Some of our painting we did

Little kitten who lost his mitten

playing tag


venturing on his own

licking up the snow...from his hat
The filters were so much fun to play around with and to see the difference each one makes. I love that a camera can take such great pictures and you do not need to spend a lot of time editing. About 90% pics I take are not edited and none have been here unless I stated. Hope you all enjoy the weather where you live!

Sunday, January 30, 2011


So yesterday I did not post. I apologize. My best friend and practically sister went with Colton and I to Snowfest! I must say yesterday was crowded beyond belief but we always manage to have so much fun. Snowfest I am sure some of you closer to the Michigan are have heard of it. Frankenmuth always has a festical of some sort every season. Well, winter season is just as exciting as the others. People from the Netherlands,Canada, Mexico, and other countries and states come to carve HUGE snow sculptures as well as ice sculptures too. Not only are the carvers from all over the world, but so are the people who come to look. The sculptures are truly a work of art. The detail that is put into them and just how big they are is a wow factor.
We did not make it very far to see some of them because of the mobs of people. Watching those NewYork movies seeing when people cross how you can easily get lost is EXACTLY how we felt yesterday the WHOLE time. Finding a parking spot wasn't so difficult knowing the town like the back of my hand, but the crowds was what we had to face. So, no more anticipation but here are some pictures of the sculptures, enjoy!

Won 1st place...amazing!

This one is HUGE!! and so detailed!

This was a U.S carved, I thought it was very cool!

He has a coat on...his jersey is on over top.


So that was our fun Saturday afternoon! Hope you all had a great day and weekend for that matter! What all did you do?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Saturday Hop!!

I love meeting new people and blog hopping is the best way to gain followers and friends too!

Mr.Potato Head

Well, I had plans to paint with potatoes today and also have fun with Mr.Potato Head but I felt too lazy and Colton took a four hour nap today! So instead of painting we just had extra fun with Mr. Potato Head. i found it at a garage sale this summer for $1.00! I must say, it was definitely the best deal and all the pieces are there. I must add, this is the same one I had as a child. The one with all pieces in the bucket? Do you all remember? Mr.Potato Head in the store today just is not the same at all and I just don't think he resembles the loved character in the movie Toy Story either.
Toys today just are not the same. I miss the little dolls in cupcakes that could be flipped into a doll and smelled so yummy. The sky dancers that when you pull the string they flew in the air. A doll that really crawled, another doll that roller skated, or one that was a ballerina and did dance moves. What about the water babies? Those were cute and fun too. O and who remembers the loved cabbage patch dolls with yarn hair and plastic shoes? Now those were some of my favorite and very cool toys. I loved the Barbie doll BEFORE she had a belly button and a different husband and when you could actually buy a Ken doll. Whatever happened to the Barbie aisle being not half, but TWO whole aisles?! Yes, I do have a boy but I still try to keep up to date on the new toys and books and all that as all girl or boy.
But here are some pictures of our Mr. Potato Head fun day!

That was our fun today. happy Friday, now off to snuggle with movies and popcorn with my handsome boy. What were some of the toys you miss from your childhood? Have you came across any like I have and bought them to share with your littles?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Facebook Friday Blog hop!

New Hop! All about Facebook! Have fun!!

Letter 'P'

Today we were all about relaxation. So we worked on transformation letters. The letter 'P' transformation letter was all about peacock. I found the idea at No Time for Flashcards.

Then I decided to just make a free style peacock from construction paper.
Colton felt like sitting on my lap while gluing and putting together both peacocks. Our day was very relaxed and lazy as you see. It snowed some more but it was the gross thick wet stuff, not the nice fluffy kind. I am definitely ready for the snow to flee and summer to get here! Tomorrow is Friday and usually we have a free day, but instead I am throwing in some fun activities and one is painting in a fun way! So stay tuned and don't forget American Idol is on tonight! 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thursday Hops!

A Mix of fun and creativity!

Today I planned a morning craft and an after nap craft. The morning one, we made a shape pizza! this was a lot of fun and was found at No Time for Flashcards. I don't know if I can say this enough, but this blog is AMAZING! i chose a spin off of her idea. Instead of coloring the pieces, I cut the shapes from construction paper. the 'crust' was a circle I cut from a cereal box. I cut cheese, onion,green peper, pepperoni, sausage,and sauce. Circles,squares,and rectangles. Colton had fun gluing the pieces on and it looked almost good enough to eat. However, I forgot when I was at the store last weekend to grab some goodies to make our own real pizzas. O well.

1. cut a 'circle'  I used a cereal box

2. gue on the circle sauce and rectangle cheese

3. glue on square onions and also the rest of your toppings

4. lastly, glue your circle pepperonis on

5. Have your little chef show off his/her master piece!
The activity I chose after nap was introducing a new fun art technique to Colton. I may not be the best artist, or really that good at drawing or painting, but I still enjoy it a lot. I get lost at the art museums and just love staring and creating my own works. So, with it being 'P' week. I showed Colton pointilism. I went online and had some pictures up of Seurat the famous painter's works. I wanted to create our own Seurat works of art.
A few weeks ago when i was at the Dollar Store I picked up some markers. They are metallic and the package said that they work best on black paper. They were $1.50 and I must say am really super impressed! They glide so smooth  and are almost like a soft crayon. I gave him a sheet and let him go buck wild. I also grabbed a sheet and started doing an ocean scene out of dots. Colton noticed and wanted to do it to. So he added in his  dots...I then noticed there was a box of colored chalk in my mom's lazy susan on the table. So of course we had to make some dot artwork to add to our pictures!

Look these up!!! They are AMAZING!!!
Well, this was the ocean but Colton added some fun dots too!
Colton's fun picture

Our day was ultimately a fun one and the pictures and art were so fun! Tomorrow continues with a transformation letter! Pretty excited! Hope you all enjoyed your day!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Today was all about Penguins! I had a few crafts and they all turned out exactly like I was hoping! That doesn't happen all the time, but it sure did today!
Last night before Colton's bath I painted one foot at a time black and made his print on a sheet of white paper I cut in half. So today we I finished them. This was definitely an adult project or an older child one. So I painted part of the inside white and left about an inch or half of black. I added googly eyes and drew an orange triangle nose after the paint dried. I found the idea at meet the Dubiens.

I chose both feet and will frame or laminate them later
The next craft was using some foam. foam is definitley fun stuff to work with. I cut a black shape, a smaller white shape, black eyes, an orange triangle nose,and orange feet. Colton did the gluing. I put the glue on the spots and he stuck the shapes on. I love that he put the penguin together correctly too.

penguin cuties
The last craft I decided to do today was a construction paper penguin. I cut a black shape, a white middle, googly eyes, an orange beak and feet and colton glued it on the construction paper and I gave him markers and he went to town. He decided to draw around the penguin, which I thought was really cute. I found the idea at  No Time for Flashcards. I chose a spin off idea. But it turned out so cute that I will laminate it for something...

I think it turned out super cute.

It reminds me of Perry from Phineas and Ferb...
So that was our fun. After lunch and a nap I showed him pictures online and the penguins home. I also showed him how some live in warm climates too. It was a alot of fun and before bed we finished with the movie Happy Feet. What did you all do today? Stay tuned to see what tomorrow brings!


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Monday, January 24, 2011

A 'P'ig says, Oink Oink!!

Pigs are what we learned about today to learn about the letter p. It was a jam packed day full of fun,learning, and crafting. Last week I made a water sensory tub and it brought to my attention Colton had so much fun so I will have to think of a fun way to do a sensory tub this week too.
So, I thought about a couple different bags of beans my mom will never use and added in some pigs,a farmer,a tractor,a tractor scooper,and a couple other animals. Not much was involved in the tub and I didn't think too hard or worried about all the deatils just as long as there was some sort of scooper to pour and pigs were in it was all that really mattered to me. While I was putting this together I had a magic water painting for colton of a piggybank to do. I would have snagged some shots of him but he ripped it and then decided to just move on since I have showed them enough for you all to know what it is anyways. So here is our tub and boy let me tell you this is SO FUN!

It does not take much for all this fun!

I just caught him at the right time...

While he was playing, I read the Farm animal book I bought. It came with a wipe off marker and some farm animals. In the book was all about the farm, animals, and what the farmers do. In the back there is a bunch of wipe off pages of activities. As well as a two page spread of a farm you fill with stickers. This book is AMAZING and a GREAT learning tool! I found it for $3.50, but would have paid more.

remember the Ocean book from last week? this is just like it...

I love how the animals 'float' in art teacher from high school would cringe
SO while Colton played and I read and we went through all the animals and what they say. After, I let him be content playing and I made chocolate chip pancakes for our story time. We haven't had one in a while and I felt like we had the perfect book that just so happened to NOT be in a box packed away. "If you give a Pig a pancake" so he ate his lunch and I read this twice by his request. I must say these books are the best.

The day continued with another fun little story the "3 little pigs" I cut up some yellow strips for hay, cut up some toothpicks for sticks,and craft sticks for bricks. Along with 3 pigs. We blew the houses down as us being the wolves and then we changed the story up and glued the houses down after we blew them down. the only one we left alone was the brick home. This was fun learning another story.

We then played and had nap and dinner and of course bath night was tonight too. Of course as he was washing his piggies I told him the five little pigs as we were trying to find some toe jam lol. After bath we painted, haha yeah a little backwards. But I painted and he watched. But once everything was dry he did some gluing. We made a pig! Paper plate painted pink, cut 2 egg holes from carton and cut 1 in half all painted pink. I also cut 2 strips for nostrils and 2 round black eyes. I added  mouth with a crayon and two craft sticks to hold it up. Then before bed we ready "If you give a pig a pancake" again and again!
Maybe I should have painted a different pink...and wipe the glue off

So that was our fun filled day! Not much time to watch television and I did not get on the computer until 11 for a little bit before luncha nd more fun. I must say today was definitely on a top list! I definitely enjoyed my Rays of Sunshine today!