Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Spy Halloween bottle!

I have been NEEDING to make an I spy bottle of some sort for a long time. I think I even mentioned it last year; obviously I never got around to it. Well, I had bought a bunch of little things for a sensory bin for Colton and decided I HAD to make a bottle too! This has been a go-to item for car rides and appointments.
The husband's idea was not to fill the bottle as full so it would be a much easier way to spot the items inside. However, the next one I make will be just a tad fuller, to make it more challenging. I will also add more items too. This one, the husband said stop adding items. I so should not take his advice when I know different but hey it was my first one and Colton loves it.
From a past sensory bin I had the kernels and black beans already mixed. I added some bright and cute Halloween stickers. A few spider rings...the black ones have been a challenge to find which I really like. Plus, I added some candy corn which is easy to spot and count. I then super glued the top on and voila!



Very cool! I've seen those sold for like $20 or more, but making your own sounds so easy!

**Ashley P**

To make this was SUPER simple! There is no right or wrong to do this!

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