Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pregnancy, Week 17

baby at 14 weeks 3 days(thinking,hoping girl)

I finally will update! I had an appointment this week. While on vacation I was told by the nurse that her and the doctor were trying to get a hold of me to let me know my results for my papsmear came back abnormal. I of course was a nervous wreck after I was told that. My blood pressure has always been high but I have yet to be out on any sort of medication for it. Well, my blood pressure when the nurse checked was SUPER high. the doctor calmed me down and explained everything would be fine. I am scheduled for a coloscopy. He then explains that it is just a microscope to look at my cervix and see if anything looks abnormal. If there is something that looks white(ish) I will have to get a biopsy done and if nothing else, just a swab. He then retook my blood pressure and it was still high, just not as high. The doctor also said that at my next appointment if my blood pressure is still as high, he will be putting me on medication. I had to take a 1hr glucose test and that came back awesome! WOOHOO for me!
Another bump however, is that he asked if I had thoughts about my birthing plan. I mentioned i wanted a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) well, he said that I would have to have to have a counseling class. Also, that whoever is on call, might not do the VBAC. He said there are not many providers who will. So, by my next appointment I will be doing some research more about it and then bring him some facts, because all doctors like facts right? I just want to experience a vaginal birth. I also know that 99% is a great number for everything to be okay if you have one. So, I will also ask him why. He also said that is another bump in the road we can talk more on later...well I will be mentioning it to him at my next appointment and also let him know my own concerns.
Aug. 4-Coloscopy
Aug.16- OB appointment
Aug.18- gender ultrasound!!!!!!
Anyways, baby is doing great and moving around. I feel movement off and on throughout the day and growing.
17 weeks 3 days


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