Sunday, July 24, 2011

Something fun to do when your pregnant

With this pregnancy, I have been way more curious to find out the gender than I ever had with Colton. With Colton it didn't matter to me whether he was a boy or a girl. With this one, I hope for a girl but of course a healthy baby is all that matters.
My curiosity though has been at an all time peak! I was searching the web on crazy ways to find out the gender. None of them are accurate, but are still fun to do and fun to see if they are right.
So, the cabbage test is the one I did.
To do this, you buy a red cabbage and boil it for 10 minutes. Take 1 part of the juice and 1 part urine and if the color stays purple it means girl. If the color changes to pink or red it means boy.
Here are my results:
The left is the cabbage water. The right are my results.
So, my result is Girl. Now, to see if this test was right for me. I will find out Aug.18!!! So stay tuned for an update!



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Interesting... I hope the cabbage test was right! Can't wait for the result next month. Make sure you keep us updated!

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