Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pregnancy, Week 20-21

20 weeks! Half way!
These 2 weeks were pretty good. I have been getting tired more and more. My cravings have almost seemed to subside. I can't seem to get over how I still am wearing my normal pre-pregnancy clothes though. I had my OB appointment this week as well. I told the doctor my fears and wants. Everyone has a fear for something. Mine is going to the hospital and never leaving. I know, weird. But I have dealt with relatives who have died in them,seen the angels and so forth. For that reason, I think has a lot to do with my high blood pressure, because once I am there and relaxed my blood pressure drops to normal; but when I first get there it is high. Anyways, the baby sounded great and also talked about having another csection. We  talked about it a lot at the appointment and I decided that would be best for me and the baby.

Another great appointment this week was the gender ultrasound! I was a nervous wreck! I couldn't and didn't sleep well. The husband and I wanted a girl this time. Our reason is we wanted to be done having kids. If we had a boy this time, we would try one more time for a girl.

meet...... Kruz Brian Price! I have to be honest, we were sad at first and I cried on the way home. Once home, we both became happy once it hit us. Colton will be a GREAT big brother and we are so lucky to be parents of not one, but TWO handsome boys!
I also have to include a small clip of him moving around in there :)
So, it has been a monumental couple week/weeks in our household. Thank you for stopping by and enjoying My Rays of Sunshine!


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