Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pregnancy, Week 18-19

I had a scare. At my last appointment I was told I had an abnormal papsmear. Now, I have never had one before and I guess people have them all the time. Well, not me. I was in shock and so scared because I automatically think cancer. Of course I think the worst right? Oh and to top it off the nurse checked my blood pressure AFTER telling me this. It was in the 150s! I have had high blood pressure before but man, that was too high for me. So she waited until the doctor came in to explain more. the doctor says it is nothing and don't worry, well of course he was a man. I am stereo typing here and am sorry to all the men and women even that may be offended, but of course I am going to worry! To me, it's a big deal. Well, I cam back this week for a coloscopy. What this is is a microscope they use to look closer at your cervix by swabbing it with different solutions to see if anything shows up. If something shows up it may lead to me having a biopsy. Well, long story short it was NOTHING!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!! I was so relieved!
Also, the doctor checked the babys heart beat and was so exciting listening to the beat. 153 :) I walked out of there with my head held high and a smile on my face. After praying and hoping it was nothing.
Here are some pictures from the past two weeks :)


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