Saturday, August 6, 2011

Camping a new way!

Camping is something we haven't done as a family....yet. I have always wanted to go for a weekend but we don't have the gear. Which, is something we need to start accumulating. Surfing the wonderful blogs out there I came across some fun new ways you can have fun with camping without leaving your house.
I went to 2 Teaching Mommies and downloaded the printables I felt Colton could do as well as challenge him. I added a sensory bin to the unit as well. Colton loves sensory bins and I love coming up with new ideas for them. At the end of the week we had pizza and decorated the living room into a fort camp type of thing. Watching movies and 'camping' out. We had fun for sure and will be something we do again.
 A yummy snack we enjoyed were s'more cookies. Add marshmallows to your chocolate chip cookie recipe and a graham cracker on top and bake no more than 11 minutes. BUT when I plan on making them again I will be adding crushed graham cracker to the cookies instead of a graham cracker underneath the cookies didn't taste as good and the cracker ruined the cookie over time.
Do a dot pictures
Here are some pictures of the fun camping week we had!
The sensory bin: sticks and pinecones from the yard. beans to be pretend stones, and  felt sleeping bags,  and of course dyed rice :)
size sequencing and enjoying yummy apple slices
A fun craft: red and yellow paint to make 'fire' blow the paint with a straw to spread the fire all over. Color popsicle sticks brown for logs to finish!
Counting fireflies
learning shapes with camping gear...he caught on QUICK

I thought I took pictures of the cookies but I guess I didn't. That was our camping fun. So much fun and so enjoyable. Learning and crafting too!


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