Sunday, October 24, 2010

Time flew!

WOW! I can't believe the weekend is about over already! Colton woke up and was clear of whatever cold he caught, but the weather was rainy and cold so another day was spent indoors. Yesterday I got out the different paints and Colton painted his 2 pumpkins and today finished by putting stickers all over them. I had the more difficult job of carving not 1,not 2, but 3 pumpkins! It was totally my idea and yes, maybe I was trying too hard or attempting too much but they all turned out great! Carving is not something that comes easy to me, even as a child with all the carving kits and such I wasn't into it as much. But this year is different; Colton is older and daddy is gone so memories must still be made regardless. I didn't buy any kits or special tools. I went to the library and printed a few templates to help carve. The hardest of the three was Mickey Mouse, so much detail but I wasn't about to let Colton down by not carving the famous 'hotdog.' After two hours of cleaning and carving they were finished and I stood oh so proud. A hurt hand from holding a knife but memories were for sure made and can't wait til next years pumpkin carving!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!! I know I did!


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