Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Birthday weekend!

Saturday was planned over a year for Colton's birthday party. Deciding on what the theme would be was up in the air. As time went on I knew it would be THOMAS! Someone tell me please how boys can be so addicted to something? The husband and I decorated from 9pm until 12 midnight. I printed off some train signs and added contact paper to the front and posted them on the walls and also on the doors. When I was living in Michigan I found some foam trains and put them on yarn and hung them on the door, over the banner, and then set them on the long table. I really think husband and I did a great job!
One of the first things I did when arriving here was to find a bakery. I like the taste of a yummy homemade cake and not a store bought one. So my favorite part of the decorating was seeing the cake and how it really is the center piece.

Don't you just LOVE it? It looked AMAZING but tasted AMAZING as well!!
For the guests we bought Papa Murphy's pizza and baked them at the house. I used coupons for them as well and was cheaper than 1 pizza. My parents and friends from Michigan couldn't make it. However, this year my husbands family could and that was nice to know we wouldn't be celebrating alone. We worried about that since we don't know anyone here. Colton loved all the attention over the weekend  and loved all his gifts too. Along with the kitchen the husband and I made for him, my mother in law made a chef hat and apron for him too. The husband and I bought him a Thomas tricycle which he can't reach the pedals due to him being so short. The weather was unbelievable and we all visited and enjoyed being outside and have fun. That night after putting him to bed we enjoyed a bonfire with the Father in law.



How cuuuute! I loved all the themed products and that cake, ADORABLE. Love it all, how I miss being a kid!

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