Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Birthday Fun Day

Colton turned 2 on the 31st. Blogging hasn't bet as much as a priority for the past week due to getting ready for the Birthday and the weekend. Well, here i am ready to report! The husband went back to work last week and Colton's birthday landed on a Thursday. We still wanted to give him a very special day so we took him to Chuck E Cheese. Colton has been there before and husband hadn't. I printed off coupons to get the best deal and set off for some fun! After Chuck E Cheese we took him to Toys R Us. He is a member of Geoffrey's birthday club and when you are you get a balloon and a crown and also a phone call when it is your birthday. Has anyone noticed how Chuck and Toys R Us seem to always be next door to each other?
The morning of his birthday I had the cube puzzle waiting and also a bottle of bubbles. I made a banner and put Thomas stickers on it. I made blueberry train pancakes and #2 hasbrowns. For lunch I made a special #2 lunch; a sandwich and oranges.
Here are pictures sharing in a very fun birthday!

We all had a very fun birthday. It is still unusual to me to be writing or typing 2. Looking at my baby now it is hard to see anything baby besides the diaper. Soak up those Rays of Sunshine before they get bigger and bigger


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