Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Painting with toys!

Colton LOVES to paint. I could ask him everyday ALL day if he wants to paint and he would happily head to the craft room for some great fun! Well, with us learning the letter 'T' I thought how fun would it be to paint WITH trains and tractors! I am talking no paintbrushes, no hands. I am talking actually dipping the trains and tractors and running them over the canvas!
I have been extremely excited for this! I bought a set of 2 canvases and some home putty stuff. One would be tractors, green and yellow of course for John Deere.

The other would be trains. Blue,red,and a couple other colors.

The white putty stuff is found in the paint section of Walmart. It is made for home type of stuff, but can be used for painting. You can use a spatuala tool or or paintbrush to put it on the canvas. However, Colton dipped the tractors and trains in it! This putty stuff adds texture to your artwork!



Very cool! When I taught preschool, we let the kiddos paint like this sometimes. I've never thought of using the putty for texture when painting though. Great project :)

**Ashley P**

Yes, the putty is awesome! I really suggest this, it looks more like a painting you would see in an art museum.

Opal Stevens

I'm your newest follower :)!


My kids would LOVE this!! I may have to try to get a couple minutes of quiet time ;o)

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