Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Recipe of the Week: Tortilla Soup

I have NEVER made soup before. I don't make a lot of things because I have a VERY picky husband. He bought me the Fix It and Forget it cookbook a couple years ago. Well, I decided that when he got home from deployment I was going to make some new meals. As I was searching through it I came across this recipe and asked the husband if he would eat this. He said, "yeah. I will try it" I was nervous but went for it. I am extremely happy I did! The husband took the first bite and looked at me and said,"This is freakin AMAZING!" This is a guy that won't eat soup...

4 chicken breast halves (I bought thinly sliced chicken breasts because it's easier and quicker) 
1 garlic clove minced(again, I bought garlic already minced) 
2tbsp margarine
 2 14 1/2 oz cans of chicken broth, 
2 141/2 oz cans chopped stewed tomatoes(I bought diced), 
1 cup salsa (mild,med,hot) whichever you prefer
1/2cup chopped cilantro(I couldn't find it in store so I didn't use it)
 1tbsp or more ground cumin(I didn't use this cuz I cant stand hot/spicy anything)
8oz monterey jack cubed(I used mozzarella shredded because it's what I had)
sour cream(optional)
tortilla chips
1. cook, debone and shred chicken(breeasts were already boneless and i cooked them with no flavoring...doesnt need it:) 
2. Add minced garlic to margarine in slow cooker. Saute.
3. combine all ingredients EXCEPT cheese,sour cream,and chips
 4. Cover, cook on low 8-10 hrs
 5.Divide cubed cheese into bowls, ladle soup over cheese, sprinkle with chips and add dollop sour cream
Tip: when u sprinkle cheese its VITAL to add to bottom THEN ladle soup on top...ALSO, no need to add a lot...less is more in this case HONEST! 


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