Friday, April 8, 2011

'S' is for...

Snakes,spiders,shapes,sunflowers,and sheep all have something in common. They all begin with the letter S. With all the chaos the past week or so I decided to take another short break from the alphabet and this week we went out with a bang! I crammed as much in as I could and Colton really had fun as did I.
We started out with spiders. I put in a kids cd and on it repeated the song 'Eensy weensy spider' while painting Colton's hands black and making spiders from them. I then cut them out and glued them on a different sheet of paper. He wasn't ready to be done painting so while we sang the song and I showed him the movements, I gave him a brush with blue paint and told him to paint 'rain'. When it dried I wrote the song on the paper.

For sheep, I found Crafts by Amanda and Oh my Lord! She has a TON of crafts to use up those cardboard paper tubes us moms have saved up! So I decided this would be fun to do. We made 2 and Colton glued everything on and I cut everything out. The sheep will be staying until Easter and then after will be used for some puppet play!
Sunflowers are beautifull but attract the bees like no other! I thought a good safe one would be to pait Colton's hand yellow to create the petals and then do some dots for the middle and then just marker on a stem. I REALLY like how it turned out and I must say, the craft room is starting to become a very colorful place!

Snakes are slimy and scary, well to me they are. They are better left in a cage FAR away! A snake is one pet we will never have in our home. But it was fun learning about them! In the Magic Painting book i bought what seems like forever ago was a snake. Thesebooks are amazing because all you do is paint with water and the color appears! Now, this snake is cute and looks great on the refridgerator!

Afterwards I created my own version of a snake lunch. Seeing some of the amazing food 'art' inspired me to do my own. Now, I created mine very fast and didn't by anything special.
Bologna and cheese 'snake, chhezi 'snake' with freeze dried apples for eyes and freeze dried pineapple for stripes

 A day of learning about shapes was a lot of fun. Colton learned all about shapes and how items in our home re shapes too. I am also planning a scavengar hunt for shapes on our walks too. I gathered up a few books, some felt shapes I cut months ago,and included our new sticker book. This sticker book was found at Boreders for $3.99!!! I am telling you now, RUN don't walk to the nearest one and BUY IT!! The stickers are reusable and SO many pages of fun learning activities!!

That was an entire week of JAM-packed fun! I hope you enjoyed your Rays of Sunshine as I did!


Mrs. Bee

I am a new follower and love your blog! You have so many great ideas to do with toddlers. I have 2 young boys of my own and am always looking for new ideas.

-Mrs. Bee


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Your little boy is adorable and those are some awesome crafts you're doing with him :) I'm looking forward to reading more!

Hope you're having a great weekend!


Such creative ideas! I love them! And your little one is precious! I'm following from Swinging By Sunday. I would love for you to stop by and check out my blog at While you are there, link up for our weekend blog hop! Hope to see you soon!

Jess and the boys

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