Saturday, April 16, 2011

'T' is for

This week we learned all about the letter T in fun new ways!
For boys tractors and trains or really anything with wheels are most loved. I decided to buy a couple canvases and let Colton paint with his favorite toys; trains and tractors. I also bought some putty from the houseware section and this is definitely something I recommend. I added pictures in a previous post. After those projects, I cut a big 'T' from green construction paper and turned it sideways and added some wheels,a little 'T' for steering wheel. Colton's party this year was Thomas and I had left over wrapping paper and also some tractor wallpaper samples and let him make a collage which turned out cute and was something very fun.

Turtles and Tigers also start with the letter 'T' and I must say Colton really learned a lot. You can ask him what letter does tiger start with and he says "T". I decided to stay simple with some shapes and have him put together his own turtles and then cut some turtles and bubbles from my Cricut as well. That way he can have some fun gluing and practicing. For tiger, I grabbed a paper plate and had him pate it orange and while he painted I cut some black stripes and chose neon orange googly eyes. Hobby Lobby has a summer craft aisle and I found some very crazy googly eyes and just couldn't resist them.

So that was our week of learning about the letter 'T'! Not many crafts were planned, but there was a lot of learning involved! Happy teaching and learning your Rays of Sunshine!


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