Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cube Puzzle(Melissa and Doug Inspired)

With Colton's birthday being tomorrow but his party being Saturday I wanted to have a special day for his actual birthday. Going through Google showing my husband this puzzle asking him if he thought I could remake this. Well he said of course because he has the items to cut the wood and also told me it would be really easy.
On one of the trips to Lowe's we bought a 2X2 board for $1.77 and there is PLENTY left over for other projects. While he was cutting the board into squares (2X2)

 I googled Thomas the Tank pictures. I found two pictures I was happy with and would be fairly easy to piece together. I could have done all four sides, but for a toddler i thought it might be too much for him. I modge podged the paper to the wood and added two layers on top.

After I thought it was finished I noticed that there needed to be a frame to keep it together. I looked around the house and chose a Dollar Tree 8 1/2 X11 frame I had and had husband cut it to the puzzle size. I then painted it black and left it without a back so the frame can be used for other puzzles I may will make.

So there you go! A fun and easy puzzle to fit Colton's two loves! Puzzles and Thomas. I can't wait to have this waiting for him along with some bubbles in the morning when he wakes up!
Happy crafting and enjoy your Rays of Sunshine even on the dreary days!


~Beth D.

I love the frame idea! I hope you did other sides of the puzzle as well!

**Ashley P**

Of course I did! and thank you very much!

Lots of Fun with My FaMiLy

awesome job! I love it :)

Remember ME Digitals

I am going to try to make a few of these for my son for Christmas. He LOVES puzzles, but the the cardboard ones get torn up so easily. This would be perfect. Did you use any specific kind of paper?

**Ashley P**

I honestly just used regular copy/printer paper.

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