Sunday, September 25, 2011

Freezer Paper Stenciling

I have been planning on doing something fun that all of us could do together for the baby. I was planning on waiting until 30 weeks, but I decided that I couldn't wait any longer. As you can probably tell I am very impatient. After going through all the clothes we had accumulated for the baby and going through all of Colton's baby clothes, I had a decent stack of plain onesies. My idea was to paint them. Colton could paint them while the husband and I did something I decided on freezer paper stencils.

What you need:
xacto knife
freezer paper
some type of clothes
fabric paint
cardboard or newspaper
paintbrush/foam brush

What to Do:
First, print off a picture you want or if you want a quote or saying type it out and print them off. Make sure you keep size in mind. Also remember about copyright laws. Now, trace it onto the NON shiny side of the freezer paper. Cut out the picture or whatever was traced with an xacto knife. Now use your hot iron to iron the stencil onto the fabric. Make sure everything is stuck on well. Put a piece of cardboard or some newspaper to put inside the fabric in case of bleeding. Use your paint and brush or foam brush to paint. Nice and slow and take your time. You will need more than one coat of paint. The drying time is the longest and will take a few hours to fully dry. Once it is dry the freezer paper will peel off by pulling at it. To finish you will need to heat set the fabric you painted. To do this you need your iron on and hot and run it over the stencil that is dry and painted take your time and make sure you get everything. It may stick to the iron, but nothing will be harmed if the paint is fully dry.
*When you wash these, turn them inside out*

There you have it, all finished and ready for baby Kruz! 



Those are cute!

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