Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pregnancy, Week 24-25

Well the past two weeks have been pretty crazy! Between growing and shopping for the baby it sure has been a monumental two weeks!
Week 24 we all went and registered at Target and Babies R Us! I am a member of the rewards program for babies r us and they sent me a coupon that if I registered I would get a $10 gift card. So of course we decided to! We loaded up and went early. I am an early bird and get so excited! we all had so much fun scanning and we left with a bag of goodies too! target was the same way! More goodies! The end of week 24 we had an ultrasound to look at some of the things the tech couldn't see at the gender ultrasund weeks ago because baby boy wasn't having it at all! It sure was fun having the husband and Colton in the room to really see how baby boy has grown and him moving and such.
Week 25 I had an appointment with my OB. Nothing much happened just a routine visit. I have to take the glucose test before my next appointment and will need the Rhogam shot by the next visit as well. I have O- blood. O the joys! This week, we bought baby boys bedding, bought the car seat,and also painted some onesies as a family for baby.
Everything is coming together and I CAN'T WAIT to reveal the nursery! Plus, I will be having how-to's on all the projects I have done to make the nursery special.
 No pictures for these two weeks because every time I remembered to take a picture of myself looking nice I forgot to ask the brain has gotten the best of me lol.


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