Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Repurposed Diaper boxes

I have so many diaper boxes it is unreal! I used them for moving because they are nice boxes with handles. My intention was to get rid of them. I did get rid of a lot of them, but once I found out I was pregnant I wanted to make a few of them into organization for the nursery.

The crib we bought has a changing table attached. The table has a few shelves and I thought it would be a perfect home for those boxes. Once I figured that out, my next job was to decide how I was going to cover them. With the bundle of paper I bought at Hobby Lobby I had already finished a couple projects with it and so decided to continue using it.

What you need:
xacto knife or knife
scrapbook paper
modge podge
diaper boxes or regular moving boxes
foam brush

What to do:
First, cut off the folding pieces or the flaps of the boxes. Then, lay the boxes down and trace around each side and don't forget to trace where the handle is too! You will need many sheets of paper so plan ahead. Use your xacto knife or scissors and cut them out with the paper. using your foam brush put a layer of modge podge one side at a time and add the paper. I did one side at a time and then leaving it to dry. Continue with each side until the box(es) are covered. This will take time, but is worth it. The longer sides of the box are more difficult to cover because you need a couple sheets of paper to cover them. Once all the boxes are done, add a layer to the top with modge podge on each side; one side at a time. now, you are finished and can put whatever you want inside them!

I did two so far. I need to do one more for the shelf. I may be doing more for other areas of the home, but haven't thought much about it yet.
Happy crafting!


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