Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pregnancy, Week 22-23

This week was about scheduling my OB appointment with my doctor and also scheduling an ultrasound. My doctor called and said that at the gender ultrasound the tech didn't see everything. Some of the spine and head.
My cravings went away for some time and then this past week I wanted pizza and samoa cookies. I have to also say my husband has been AMAZING this whole pregnancy. Running out late at night, massaging my tired feet,and cleaning house.
Bending over to dig the pans out of the cupboard has become difficult and hurts when I am bent over for a period of time, so I yell for the husband and he comes running and gets what I need. The waddle is now on, but not as 'full-force' quite yet.
We also bought the crib mattress and some decorating things for homemade for projects in the babies room.
I am still debating on if I should wait to reveal the nursery and go over everything with the projects we did or do each project and show you. THEN reveal...hmmmm?
So, that is up to you...what do you want to see? The projects and then the room or the room then the projects?
Here is me and Colton loves being involved with the pictures too.
22 weeks

23 weeks


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