Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine fun for mommies and 3 little kids

I was so ecstatic to host a Valentine craft and playdate for these three cute kids! The moms of the girls are my close friends here in Michigan and Colton just loves playing with kids his age. The pictures of yesterday will forever be in my heart of the day.
I had Valentine cellophane bags from when my grandma was alive. She was also crafty and made kids in the neighborhood bags up and these bags I found cleaning my moms house and snagged them. In the bags I put some heart doilies, foam hearts, a pink foam train, a heart cut from cereal box, and also a felt cookie baking set I made. I tied them with white yarn. I cut a white paper placemat with their names and put the bags on them and also made Pink Lemonade playdough for each child in their own container. I had purple,pink, and red construction paper sittin in middle of table and my crafting caddy full of fun stuff. I also made rice krispie treats and shaped them in hearts. This day was fun for both Colton and I and will forever live in my heart.
All the kids and even the mommas had so much fun and I wish I could have thought to do this once a month or more with them.
I will now get to the pics of the afternoon.

Awaiting the kids

Fun crafting time!

Making playdough cookies
All three kids made som really cute crafts and had a blast. They all played really well together and no break downs until everyone was ready to leave. But that was my child having the break downs and so he departed a little early for a nap. I have to add, when he woke he cried when he realized the girls had left. I will post recipe for the playdough as well as directions for making the felt set. Thank you to my friends for coming over and spending the day with us!


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