Saturday, February 12, 2011

A NeW way to bake!

I just love Frugal Family Fun blog! it is JAM packed full of fun stuff for kids to do. When I saw this idea I KNEW I had to do this! Sewing is something I really want to do and seems more and more people are learning it. I hope to learn soon, but until then I will stick with crafting without sewing.
I love felt and I love that it is a quiet toy that doesn't make a loud noise or sing a crazy song. After working in a toy store for a couple years I still can block out noise. What I can't block out is my child attempting at making more noise to see what can be louder.
Since my friends came over with their girls to play with Colton, I thought how perfect the idea would be for all of them. I made a set for each child and put it in their goody bags. I found felt for .33 and bought cookie colored, red,pink,purple, and white. I cut hearts for cookies, small hearts for frosting from red and pink. As well as sprinkles in other colors. For the dough I rounded the corners. The kids didn't get to playing with it the day they were here because of all the crafts and playtime. So Colton got to play with his the next day. He really enjoyed it and since then we have played with it everyday as well as Valentine playdough we made.

After nap I surprised him so his hair is crazy!!

Blowing on the cookie because it was 'hot'
What a cheap,cute,and fun afternoon of baking we had and the clean up was easy-peasy!



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