Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Crafts

The plan was to be able to see my husband for Valentine's Day. The military normally gives four days off after they debrief. HAHAHAHAH(sarcastic) my husband told me Friday that he won't get four days but everyone else does. Which is awful, but works out since we STILL don't have a home. We got SUPER close to moving in and had a slight error. We are very both stressed,upset,angry,frustrated,and so homesick for one another. Friday is my 24th bday and I HOPE that he will fly in because if he does that will mean we have a place. We can't stay on post even if we wanted to because the wait list is back like 6months. Sad, I know and we should have got on it anyways and long ago, but it is something he just doesn't want to to do; he is stubborn just like me. So until we have a place to live I am holding off on the two reviews and giveaways I have planned.
Onto the crafts, the other day the girls were over to play with Colton and we set out to craft their little hearts out. We spent two hours at least on doing all sorts of fun crafts. Then the following day we worked on two smaller crafts since we were so bored. i like going outside to play but it just is a lot of work bundling us up and heading out. Lazy, I know. So now I will share pictures of all our fun crafts. if you have questions about any of them feel free to ask!



Love the crafts. But sorry about the moving/living situation right now. Must be tough.
I just stopped over from Making Friends Monday blog hop and really glad I did! :)


I love y'alls crafts! So cute. I gave you a blog award :)

New follower from the blog hop. Your Valentine's turned out very cute!!

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