Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I have an announcement to make.Insert mountain top and the people listening here:MY HUSBAND IS HOME!!!!!!!! Ok, he is not home as in with me yet. However,he is back at base and looking for us a house to rent so Colton and I can go be with daddy. I am ECSTATIC! I do not watch the news while he is deployed at all. Not even the weather. So, I can now watch the news and Today show I have missed. I can now talk to my husband on the phone and be able to sleep a bit better too. the bed is still empty without him and the mattress hurts to sleep on, but sleeping itself is a bit better not having nightmares and worry. I am a worry wart so I still worry but the deployment worry is off my shoulders.
Now the worry is focusing on finding a home to rent. Especially knowing that in Tennessee the state practically shuts down when an inch or two of snow hits. Which leaves, the housing offices closed. My husband says he hopes  he can fly here on Monday. Meaning Monday Valentine's Day. I HOPE and PRAY he does! Another holiday however how small or big without him is soemthing I don't want to experience again without him. Plus, my birthday is next Friday and all I want is my husband.
I just wanted to share with all of you that my love is home and it feels so nice to hear his voice whenever I want. I would share a picture or two of him but this laptop is a couple months old which means no pictures of my husband are on it. But you can bet when I do see him I will have camera in hand  and will share as soon as I can.
Another update: I have 2 reviews and giveaways but waiting until I move to do them since everything is happening so fast.



This made me SO happy for you! I will def. be keeping you and your family in my prayers that you find a nice place and settle in together easily. :) YAY!

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Aww ty So much!


Yay! Everything is better when they're home. =)

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I am so happy for you! Coming from a daughter/sister of soldiers, I can't even imagine having my husband there. Tell your husband "Thank You" for me. I appreciate him serving so we can all be free. A big thank you to you as well....for being married to him :)



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