Tuesday, February 8, 2011


LET'S GO STEELERS, LET'S GO! LET'S GO STEELERS, LET'S GO! A couple weeks ago I FINALLY purchased Colton's first ever jersey! Colton was conceived in Hawaii and  Troy Polamalu ROCKS! So of course I had to go in search for a 3t. I must say the search was rough, but did manage to find one and I chose a big size so Colton will get use out of it. Children grow out of stuff like it goes out of style, so when you invest money into something like a jersey for a child, I choose a big size.
On to the game- poor coin flipped heads which gave the Packers the advantage. I too would have chose tails. So with that, the Packers scored and left the first half for the Steelers in need of some waking up. Also left the fans with watching the halftime show...which I think could have been A LOT better! I am not a fan of Black eyed Peas to begin with, but they do have a couple songs I like. Everyone has their own opinions and my opinion on Slash making an appearance was AWESOME! I just thought his hat was WAY cool and so blingy! Second half was on and Steelers started really getting down and dirty until the last few seconds of the game and gave the Packers the ball...not a great choice and an accident but there is always next year right? I am not a sore loser and my team of choice didn't win, but it was still a fun game to watch.
As for the commercials, they weren't as good as I was hoping. I missed the snickers commercial. I thought cars talking in most of the car commercials was dumb. The budlight commercial that looked like a western movie with singing at the end was HILARIOUS! The E*Trade baby is ALWAYS a favorite and this year the kid looked just like my Colton, the facial expressions and everything that baby did is what Colton does all the time. I am looking forward to Transformers in July and Rango next month!
What about you, What did you think of the game,halftime show,and commercials?



Lifetime Steelers fan here! I was really disappointed in the National Anthem. Half time show was such a delight! To have Slash and Usher there without warning...awesome!!! I loved the Doritoes and Pepsi Max commercials, but the best was the Snickers where the log hit Roseanne Barr...just hysterical!! BTW, your little one looks great with Troy's number :)

**Ashley P**

the National Anthem was a disappointment! To forget the words? O and that Pepsi commercial was hysterical! So much happened and now it is coming back to me.

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