Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Easter Bunny craft!

Supplies needed
Stepping into Hobby Lobby just for some framing when a 50% off Easter decor sale is happening just doen't cut it. There is NO WAY someone addicted to sale signs as I am can hold off. Browsking and loading up the cart with goodies I found a plain old cardboard type of bunny. On a first trip to Hobby Lobby I bought modge podge seeing as many people use it and the possibilities are endless. So I just bought 1 bunny but may go back and load up on some more. I bought some Easter scrapbook paper; just a yellow with polka dots. In the Easter aisle i found some felt flower stickers...yes i said stickers! They are amazing! So cute as well!!!
So I traced the bunny on the paper. I added a layer of modge podge to the bunny and then the paper and added a layer to the finish product. Once the modge podge dried I added a few felt stickers as well.
I don't think I could be happier as how it turned out! Oh and the best part? It only cost $2! Yes, $2!! Imagine a crazy woman jumping up and down in her sun room yelling( as it echos) and the husband walking in on you as your so excited to tell him all about a project he doesn't really care about  and that my friends is me.
Happy frugal crafting!


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