Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Enjoying Life

So, I am coming back with a bang! I just posted two reviews and headed for one more shortly. I just wanted to pop in and do some more heart to heart kind of blogging. I hve missed my laptop and bloggy friends and wonderful followers! I can't belive it took almost a month to get internet! GAH! But, we of course have it now and I am not going anywhere!
I love our house and how homey it is. I also have to add how amazing it is having a husband again for an added arm or eye. I can now go to the park and take pictures or how nice it is to use the bathroom with out a knock or intrusion. Cooking has never been a bigger joy and I am trying all kinds of fun new recipes as well. The husband has even partook on helping with a cute shamrock craft.
We are both still learning and getting in our niche so to say. Colton is LOVING having daddy time and as I was looking through pictures of them together I have taken, I haven't seen a bigger smile on my husbands face. He seems content and happy. Just as Colton and I are now he is home.
Getting organized has been key right now. Oh and get this, I have a room to craft! It is normally the 'sun room' but it is the craft room. I am getting a table and a couple chairs in the next couple days to complete the room. Then I will take pics of my organization and the room is just full of windows which I love.
So, that's it for now and now I will update myself on all your blogs. How have you all been?

We had family playdoh time and the husbands message to me.


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