Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Repurposed Entertainment Center

While the husband was deployed through many a talks we shared one was swapping ideas and plans for Colton's 2nd birthday. Even though his birthday isn't until March.31(just a couple days) we decided on a project I found.Sutton Grace click the link and you will see her work and take on a kitchen she made for her kids. Josh and I already had an entertainment center. We were the couple that had a tv in our room as well as in the living room; however we never watched it.
Since husband was deployed for a year he got a whole month off  and just so happened it was this month. We went right to work on the kitchen planning everything that w needed to get and do. We also made a trip to Habitat Humanity Restore. Yeah, lets say that place is awesome! We could have gotten things we needed for the house instead of having to buy brand new. But anyways, this project was fun and can't wait for the next project husband and I embark on! process


The sink bowl is a dog dish, the counter top is floor laminate. The knobs,hot/cold,and coils are real and bought from the Restore. I painted a chalkboard menu with chalkboard paint. Both frames were made from Hobby Lobby. The beach picture was taken by me when husband and I lived in Hawaii and of course where Colton started out in my tummy! We bought Colton a set of pots and pans they are way small! But once i took a look at the kids kitchens it all came to me. Our kitchen is more like the real deal which I love! Our little boy will be 2 in two days and I can't believe it! But, the party is Saturday so the kitchen will be kept in hiding in the garage until then.
What do you all think? Don't you notice the yellow paint? I think it is a coincidence that the kitchen matches my blog. When I think of sunshine I think of my yellow. When I think of My Rays of Sunshine I think of my boys :)I am so excited to see Colton's reaction!