Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pantry Organizing

A few weeks ago on a trip to the Dollar Tree I loaded up on plastic containers for pantry things like Sugar,Salt and so on. I was waiting to buy some vinyl for my Cricut to put the name neatly on the container. On one of the many trips to Walmart I was looking at what to add to the craft closet and decided to take a look at the clearance back aisles and low and behold I found chalkboard paint! Now, I bought it for a different project I will reveal soon. But, once getting home I thought of the PERFECT idea for it- the plastic containers! I ran and grabbed a paint brush and painted a strip on each container. Once dry I wrote the name. The chalk I have isn't the best, so the writing will look a little funky in the picture. It does look better now. I really am happy with how they turned out.

Not perfect, but good enough for us!

Yes, the Salt container is empty. We go through it like no tomorrow, I am always making a new flavor of playdough. As for using it to cook with I don't. I don't add salt and pepper unless absoutely neccessary and any other time I let the person eating add it themselves. My food is not bland either, I choose other seasonings. Happy painting!



I'm your 100th follower!! Woo hoo! :)

I love that idea, therefore you can change the contents it you have to!

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Very crafty, love it. Thinking I need to overhaul my pantry after we PCS in a few weeks. Stopping by from "swinging by sunday" to follow and say hello :)

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