Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Luck O' the Irish!

Tomorrow is St.Pattys Day and I feel the holiday seems to be celebrated in a bar drinking and so on. I have never been out on St.Patricks day in that way but having a child and loving to craft and cook, I planned crafts and some fun meals. Having my husband gone for a year and now he is back, well I want to celebrate every holiday to its entirety as much as I can.
For breakfast I am making rainbow waffles! For dinner I am making Irish Stew and busting out the ol' crock pot. We happen to be learning the letter 'R' and so we will enjoy lots of rainbow everything. And for a snack I will be making a shake with bananas and lime sherbet! O it defintely will be a GREEN day for sure! As well as playing with the playdoh we made and enjoying a yummy Kix treat.
the past couple weeks we have been making green and yellow playdoh, painting shamrock placemats and making little shamrock people and decor.
First up is  the playdoh. The recipe is a past post with Koolaid. I chose green and yellow.

I found foam shamrocks at the Dollar Tree and punched holes at the top of them and hung them on some yarn and taped them to top of the door entrance to my craft room.

Another fun project was painting, I found adhesive sticky contact paper at the Dollar Tree and decided to make placemats :) I painted Colton's hands and printed. I also traced soe shamrocks on paper, glued around and had Colton shake glitter all over and made those into placemats too.

Cut out big shamrocks and little shamrocks from green paper. Then cut 4 strips of white paper and accordion them. Create a shamrock person by gluing arms and legs add the little shamrocks as hands and feet. Decorate as you like, Colton enjoys wiggle eyes and glitter right now so that is what we did. My husband even got involved with this one...

Are you doing anything special for St. Patrick's Day?


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