Thursday, March 17, 2011

Q is for..

Last week we started back up on our alphabet learning with the letter Q. I originally planned to wait until husband went back to work, but it was his idea that we start. So of course I sprung on the opportunity!
So we started by making a quilt from paper. All I did was cut up different squares from 3 different scrapbook papers. Colton has a playroom here and we call it the animal room. So when I chose the scrapbook papers, I came across one with animals and numbers on it. I have so much paper stashed I had forgotten about it. I framed it and hung it on the playroom wall.

Another fun word we learned was Queen. I took a paper plate for the base. I cut a construction paper in a circle and cut out a rectangle so when you glue it down it looks like a Q. Then we gave her a mouth, eyes, and f course what is a Queen without a crown?

Not many words I could come up with that start with Q. But there is one left. Q-tips! We had a blast with them. I had Colton paint with them. The plan I had was me choosing paints that matched our living room to hang on the wall. So that is what he did! I went to the Dollar Tree and splurged(haha) and bought a black frame. Voila!

And lastly, I decided to attempt at a dandelion although looking at it kind of looks like a sun. Either way i really like how it turned out. I layed the glue where it needs to be and found out Colton is a perfectionist because he lined up each Q-tip in the glue lines perfectly.

That was our week of Q!



Love the creativity. A special mama you must be!

I'm a new follower from The Thrifty Military.

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