Thursday, December 2, 2010

25 Days of Christmas...Day 10!

WOW! 15 more days to go!! Today is the second day of December and also the second day it has snowed. So today's craft is Snowmen! They are easy and you can do many. This won't be the only day you will see them, I have three more I want to show you all but I need a few more odds and ends. Yesterday I was at Riteaid because of some sales that were happening and needed a few things. They had boxes filled with $1 items and there was a box dedicated to foam shapes and crafts! I was so excited and grabbed a few, one was a set to make snowmen. The activity included everything with it as well and numerous too so you can make a ton of them!
this is all that was included!
Colton was only able to make 4 because that is all he could handle at one sitting lol
The other snowman we did was all out of construction paper, I cut everything and Colton did the gluing. I put the glue where it needed to be. However, I helped with the smile. Of course you will see too that it is very colorful. I also sang "Frosty the snowman" so as I sung I showed Colton all the little things for the snowman. He loves the song and so of course I sang it many times more and Colton would dance and 'sing' too!
I think he has a lot of spunk 
Have fun with your little snow boys and girls!


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