Wednesday, December 22, 2010

25 Days of Christmas...Day 24!!

Maybe some of you are baking,shopping,or wrapping. Maybe your doing all the above! Well, whether your outside or in give your child some playdough or crayons and a coloring book while your getting things done.
After my mom wrapped gifts she used up all the wrapping paper. The coolest thing was using it as a tunnel for Colton's cars. he played with it for an hour and went back at it this morning already. Dixie cups are also fun for stacking and such. Busy things that don't cost a dime are the most fun he has had. I cheated and did my Christmas shopping online this year, the boxes are being saved for when we move but I don't need many because we didn't bring a lot that needs to be boxed so Colton will have fun hiding and building a 'city' with them until the recycle man comes. If by chance everything is done sit back and have a glass of wine or eggnog and relax and close your eyes imagining being on a beach. I have to admit I have never had a glass of eggnog or even a sip. Maybe one day I will try it. instead of being on a beach I will be dreaming of my husband being home.
Yes,day 24 maybe wasn't the best, but some frugal tips t keep your child busy while your working hard or needing some time to yourself helps. Colton plays well by himself but something new always lasts longer.
Enjoy your day and with your Rays of Sunshine as I will.


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