Thursday, December 16, 2010

25 Days of Christmas...Day 20!

SNOW! What is Christmas without snow? Well, for some of you, snow isn't an option and for others there is A LOT of it! Well, here in Michigan in the 'thumb' area there is just the right amount. I LOVE snow, but I HATE driving in it. Sunday we had a big snow storm here, it wasn't the snow but mainly the wind that was the issue that created the HUGE drifts in the yard. I am short as in 5'3 and there was two that were as tall or taller than me. So if you don't have snow, create your own. Yeah it may not be as fun but there is still some fun stuff you can do. Cotton balls, salt, ice. All are very fun and if you have the real stuff go out and play. Being outside in it with Colton made me feel like a child again. I loved making snow angels and having snow ball fights. Running and frolicking was a blast and our cheeks were read and our smiles were very big. When grandma came to the door to tell us dinner was ready I spent 15 minutes bribing Colton to come in the house. This will be a White Christmas this year and a fun one I will never forget.
one of the many laughs
sliding like a penguin
guarding that snowball
He may never remember the day we spent outside here but I know I will. Taking pictures of the special moments are what I do. Every time I look at these pictures I will remember where we were and what we did. He melts my heart seeing that precious face enjoying the outdoors and experiencing something like it was for the 1st time, not remembering that last year he spent some time seeing snow.
Another small idea to add to this is reindeer food. I have been finding this all over online so I never got the idea at one set place because every blog I have gone to has a 'recipe' for this. Just some oats and glitter! Colton poured it in a sandwich bag and we will sprinkle it outside for the reindeer.
Happy Day 20!


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