Friday, December 10, 2010

25 Days of Christmas...Day 15!

I did not feel like blogging yesterday. I was so tired from a mouse that kept me up all night. But today I worked double time to craft for two days worth. Boy was it fun! Yesterday I put together a snack for Colton and it was such a hit with him that I made it again tonight just a tad different. It consists of a glass bottle filled with milk and food coloring, a ribbon around the neck of the bottle for a scarf and a powdered donut for the head of the snowman and added eyes with icing, and don;t forget a straw to drink with. The bottle was an old coke one and cleaned out. I found the idea HERE scroll mid page or so and you will see it. Cute idea and just had to do this. Also since there is no snow (YET) here, decided we needed some more snowmen but of a different texture. The last one was from foam and construction paper. So yesterdays frosty was from cotton balls. This idea has been all over online, but we did ours a little differently. We made a scene, he is sitting in snow with trees and his 3 buttons are jingle bells. I am in love with this! Here are pictures and sorry to keep you waiting! I also read Frosty the Snowman book and The magical snowman both were Christmas books from his grandma.
This was last nights
He did a great job keeping them on the glue area!
It is just too cute for words!
Included is todays drink and fun!


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