Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Well this just bites....

Ok, today I have had some ups and downs. I am not computer savvy AT ALL!! Well as i was talking to my husband, who by the way is a half a world away in Afghanistan and my internet on my lap top just stopped working. He tried to help me for two hours and nothing worked. I called the internet company and talked to two guys and the second guy told me he would call back. Two and half hours later I decide to call back and talk to a different guy after ten minutes he tells me it is Firefox. So I get onto Internet Explorer and after five minutes it acts up again and says I have internet signal but no internet access?! Not the first time I have seen those words, but the first time today I have had such a big problem. And now of course I am a rut...and hope and pray my husband can figure this out all the way around the world.
I hope as i type ever so loudly on an ancient computer sitting in an uncomfortable chair have to tell you, my readers that I had some HUGE plans this week. For most of you who have known, when I reached 25 followers was going to give a lucky reader a $25 gift card. Then, I also had some other minor plans as well. Being on here means the pictures won't be able to be uploaded on here and the giveaway will be put on hold until I can get back on my laptop. I am deeply sorry and I still promise to do this and will, I just don't know when.
I feel like a major failure and can not believe this has happened. So much for technology! We have a love/hate relationship and I must say I miss my cozy chair and my sexy slim laptop and how new it was that it didn't take forever to start.
Maybe one of you could help me or guide me on what I should do. I am reaching out to you on what to do. I will not give up and will keep going and will be back checking in and still posting! Thank you to all my new followers as well!


Martha in PA

Stopping by from Tuesday Train, and your 21st follower! I hope you get things worked out soon. Thanks to your husband and you for his service to our country!


so sorry that you are having internet woes... that does bite.


Well, I am your 22nd follower. :) I hope you get everything all worked out soon. Internet troubles stink.

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