Wednesday, December 1, 2010

25 Days of Christmas...Day 9!

I have gone through my list of ideas for this month and decided with all the crafts we needed another yummy treat! This is quick and easy and maybe most of you have done it. I, have to admit the only time I have ever made these was when I babysat in High school! They are the cornflake wreaths with the cinnamon candies. Ok, for those that don't know you will know now and am sure you will want to make them. Especially if you love rice krispie treats, this is defintely something a tad different but just as yummy and maybe a bit more!
You will need: butter OR margarine, mini marshmallows OR the giant ones, corn flakes OR frosted flakes, cinnamon candies, a decent size pot, and a plastic or wooden or rubber spatula, and green food coloring.
1/3c margarine OR butter, 4c mini marshmallows OR 1bag of the giant marshmallows, 6c corn flakes OR frosted flakes, 1tsp green food coloring
1. melt butter over medium heat
2. add marshmallows and stir continuously until they r dissolved
3. remove from heat and add food coloring...until u like the color...
4.add corn flakes
5.spoon clumps onto wax paper or tin foil
6. put a bit of butter on your fingers or use cooking spray on them and form the clumps into a wreath
7. add little cinnamon candies
So forgive me I didn't take many pictures because Colton was helping and I was busy stirring,watching, and so on. But they turned out great and so yummy! We each ate one while watching the Grinch specials on ABCFamily channel!
His 'cheese' and so proud of the finished product!
Don't they look so cute? I must say, a great addition to a cookie plate!
shoving his face and getting it stuck to his pj sleeve haha! BOYS!
Hope you enjoyed another day of Christmas with us! Thank you for taking a peek and dropping by to see my Ray of Sunshine!


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