Sunday, December 26, 2010

Chchchch WOOWOO!

That is how Colton reacts to trains. Thomas is by far his favorite and his favorite toys Santa brought him for Christmas. Have you seen the commercial for the Thomas take n play Return from Misty Island set? It has the the little boy and his dad playing and they show how it packs up and goes. Well, if not Colton has and during the holiday season every time he saw it he would point and react and say what a train says and then proceed to look at me point and say THIS! So black Friday came and wasn't venturing out, but stayed up to see if Toys R Us would have sales online at 10pm and low and behold they did! But the downfall was there was not a sale on this particular Thomas toy. I went looking everywhere and did not find  a deal. I googled promo codes for certain stores and found a free shipping code for Target and decided to order it from there since it was cheaper. Christmas Eve night he opened it up and it has been his best friend since! He absolutely loves it and I do too! There is a bridge on top that shakes when you move the button over and a door that opens and closes to have the trains go from one side to the other. There is a hook system with magnets in the hook and comes with a set of logs with magnets in it to make the hook pick them up and the hook has string to make it long or short and it raises up as well. This is also well made, Colton tends to be rough with toys and he sat on part of the track and stepped on it by accident a couple times and it did not bend or break! I paid $40 dollars, but honestly I am beyond happy with the purchase! Plus, it folds up small and this will be great for visiting family,friends, and hotels!
Christmas Eve night playing with his track!
Christmas afternoon. This folds out far and has 2 sides!
This was today, you can't see well but he was sitting on the track on the other side.
This train set is called Thomas the train Return from Misty Island you can find it at any department store and HERE the link is to Amazon. I personally love Amazon. But when I ordered from Target the service was fast, it was my first time ordering from them and I will order again from them again!
I hope you enjoyed your Sunday! The last week of December and 2010 is upon us!
I was not paid for this review. I was not told to and the toy was not given to me to review. The pictures are of my son at my home. The company did not ask me to do this review. The words are mine and so are the opinions I gave.



Wyatt got this for his birthday and he LOVES it!! We got him a couple more trains to go with it for Christmas :)

**Ashley P**

Colton has been playing with this NON STOP! Best toy in pur household EVER!


How sweet!
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My boys sure loved playing with trains when they were little... oh, how I miss those days!

Just found your blog and am your newest follower on Google and Networked blogs :-)

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Closer to Lucy

My nephew is in love with Thomas, he'd love this!

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