Tuesday, December 14, 2010

25 Days of Christmas...Day 18!

Yay only seven more and the 25 days will be over. Since the oven has been ready on Saturday, the oven has been on everyday. We all have missed the oven! So this weekend we made our famous Christmas cookies. Okay, maybe not famous like Oprah, but famous for anyone who knows our family. I am not going to share the recipe, but I will share pictures. The recipe has been found and mastered by my mom. I love reading it from time to time seeing the flour stuck to it from our cookie baking years. I am the one who rolls and cuts and my mom makes the dough and watches the cookies. After they are all done we decorate. The whole process lasts about three hours.
The finished product
Colton decorated and ate one too
light bulbs,snowflakes,mittens,santa hats,snowmen,bells,stars,Christmas trees,angels is what we chose this year.
After them, we made chocolate chip walnut cookies. My mom has always made them with walnuts and i will continue to do it that way as well when I make from home made. My opinion is that they are yummier and give it what a chocolate chip cookie is missing. I didn't take pictures of them, but should have because they are HUGE!
The last but not least is the church window cookies. They are simple and easy! We have never made these before so we went HERE for the recipe. For the nuts, we used walnuts left over from the chocolate chip cookies. They are so yummy too! I suggest when you cut them to slice them like a loaf of bread and then in half again because they tend to be rich. I must say, I will be making these next year for a pretty addition to my cookie trays.
these are really pretty
This year was fun baking and decorating with my mom. I hope one year she will come visit or one day can live nearby so we can keep baking the holiday cookies. Next year I will be making these and also some fudge. Josh loves fudge so that is a must. Cookie trays are what my mom gives to friends and coworkers and leaves the rest for our family to snack on through the wait of Christmas and Santa. I will be continuing the tradition of this and really think that a cookie tray is the best gift to give a friend,coworker,or family member.
What are some of your favorite cookies during the holidays?


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