Monday, December 6, 2010

25 Days of Christmas...Day 12!

REINDEER! Well, my parents oven STILL is not fixed and having a hard time trying to find a used one for a decent price. They can not afford to spend more than 100...let alone cannot really even afford even that. So I am hoping for a miracle so we can have it for dinner,Christmas dinner, and Christmas baking. The burners work, but the oven does not. Well, any who I had more planned for this week that involved the oven, but until a miracle brews these posts will be filled with creative crafts. The foot and hand reindeer are all over online, but I found the idea HERE. That is my favorite blog for really great ideas and found it last year. Here is Colton's reindeer.
Since that reindeer above went by so fast I decided to do another reindeer just different materials for this one. I bought craft sticks a while back ago and haven't found many uses for them. One day when Colton was napping I came up with this one. But come to find out someone else thought of it. O well, at least I didn't google this idea like I do so many times.
This took much skill and concentration on his part. I had him color the sticks brown and it helped keep a steady hand and stay 'in lines', I suggest having your kids do this, it helps coordination as well.
I think he's so cute! I am going to add some ribbon to the back of him and hang him up!

I love our reindeer and hope you do these with your children! Tonight also on ABC Family they played Rudolph the Reindeer and the Misfit Toys. That was NOT planned, but made me happy! These are quick and easy (cheap to do as well). Have fun and hope you enjoyed this day of Christmas!


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