Friday, December 3, 2010

I should mention!

I know I have mentioned this before but there are new followers and decided to tell you all again. Once 25 followers are reached I will be giving a $25 gift card to one of you. The gift card will be universal, meaning you can use it any where! I love these ones more because there is no set place you have to use it. Plus, not everyone of you have opportunity to go to Walmart or Target as much and also for the reason if I choose one store over the other I would rather not get into trouble. This gift card I am paying for out of my own pocket. Nobody came to me and offered this. I am not reviewing products, however if you know someone that wants me to review something I would be more than willing, especially if it is a certain company that is famous for the wooden puzzles and other goodies. Why I am doing this is to gain more followers, keep you involved here, and keep you all coming back. Now, I won't be doing this all the time, but when big numbers are reached of course I will. After 25 followers the next one will most likely be 100 with a bit more money but NOT 100 dollars, sorry folks I can't give that much. Maybe by then someone will let me review something or I will find out how.
So, today is Friday and am really excited for the weekend. I am not sure if I will post anything today or not about Christmas. Either way hope you tell your friends and others you know. Hope you all have a great day enjoying your rays of sunshine!



Hi there! I am your newest follower:) LOVELY blog!! You can find me at
Have a peek at my giveaways. I've got 6 gorgeous handmade ones going on now!! Happy Holidays:)


Glad to be entered in your giveaway! :)

**Ashley P**

yes, of course! Once the number is met I will have more info.

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