Monday, December 13, 2010

25 Days of Christmas...Day 17!

As you may know, my parents found a stove. That also means it is just what we needed because it not only helps heat the house with all the cooking, but is just perfect for the holidays! The weekend was filled with 3 different kinds of cookies and I will share tomorrow. Today was a day of reindeer. I made Colton reindeer ears from a paper bag and his hand prints. I painted his little nose red with my face paints I have and we set to work on making reindeer cupcakes! They turned out super cute and were just as yummy! I found the idea HERE. That blog is awesome! I love the ideas and go there for an added 'bonus' a lot of times. She hasn't updated in a while, but there are enough ideas to last a long time. Colton helped pouring and actually did it by himself. Something as simple as that makes me happy and warm inside. Here are our decorated cupcakes. As you will see I ran out of chocolate covered pretzels. When I bought cupcake liners there were a bunch of picks that came with them, so i shoved them in and added little extras. The snowmen turned out super cute too!
Isn't he just too cute?
I had to share the snowmen too!
and here is my real life reindeer.
Hope you all stay warm and for those that are cooped inside, baking sure makes the house smell yummy!


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