Thursday, December 23, 2010

25 Days of Christmas...Day 25!

We made it! I can't believe how fast the days have gone and how much fun this was! Today is all about last minute things that may need to be done. Shopping for some is still not done and Toys r us is staying open 24 hours so everyone can finish, the sales there are insanely good and I am almost...ALMOST tempted to start Colton's birthday shopping but I don't see it necessary at this time due to us leaving in the next month or so. Another last minute is baking, mainly for Santa to come. At my parents the tradition is Christmas Eve night and I will follow the tradition they have while being here and next year when my little family are in a home we will do our present opening on Christmas morning. The reason for Christmas Eve night was mine and my brother's fault. We went to my grandmas and opened gifts and begged and pleaded with mom and dad to open our gifts when we got home, sometimes the persuasion worked and others it didn't until our parents finally decided that was when Santa would officially come to the house. This year we have cookies for Santa and reindeer food as well and tonight is when we will sprinkle the food and eat the cookies when Colton goes to bed. I know he won't understand but I still want to do the traditions. So he will get a later nap tomorrow so he can stay awake late after opening to play with his goodies. Another last minute is stockings being filled, Colton's is filled and jam packed. There is a book, a movie,cars, Thomas pez and the list goes on. I fill his stocking to the brim and thankful that it hasn't ripped. Josh picked it out last year for him and next year I would like to get Josh and I one too. The last bit of grocery shopping may be done as well to get the ham and turkeys and whatever else for your Christmas dinner. We always eat ham here and put pineapple slices on it on a cookie sheet. The flavor is truly amazing! I make my famous deviled eggs as well. My mom showed me how to make them long ago and now she can't make them right for the life of her, but me yes I can!
So while your doing your last minute Christmas stuff and you smile with joy thinking about being together with your families remember there is nothing more many could ever want id for family to be together. Enjoy your time and laughs and cries and maybe laughing so hard you cry. The joys on your children's face as you realize you have accomplished exactly what you were hoping to! I now will be MIA over Christmas and share pictures when I return. Spending time with my rays of Sunshine and enjoying how bright they are...MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!


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