Tuesday, November 30, 2010

'J' is for Jolly!

What is more jolly than Santa? I decided to make a very simple and easy advent calendar that Colton could help make and do too. It took a while searching for something he can do. He is 1 1/2 and so there isn't too many things he can help with. But I stumbled upon THIS idea. It took a few minutes. I cut circles for eyes, triangle for a hat, and a white rectangle for his beard and when I cut it put waves in bottom to look fluffy. Colton glued everything on and I wrote 1-25 and when I reached 25 wrote Xmas! I think I have cotton balls, if not i will stop tomorrow and pick some up. So there is still time to finish! Have fun!
I must add that I bought a snowman with a roll number set to change the countdown as well. As a child do you all remember the chocolate advent calendars too? I had to buy one yesterday when we were at Bronners yesterday. It sure brings back memories and the chocolate is small enough and good enough for an after dinner 'good boy' treat. One time of year to let it be okay, I mean I am sure we took our children to get candy on Halloween; so what is a chocolate once a day?
Isn't he cute? Maybe he looks like an elf...hopefully with a beard he is more of a Santa...


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