Friday, January 28, 2011

Mr.Potato Head

Well, I had plans to paint with potatoes today and also have fun with Mr.Potato Head but I felt too lazy and Colton took a four hour nap today! So instead of painting we just had extra fun with Mr. Potato Head. i found it at a garage sale this summer for $1.00! I must say, it was definitely the best deal and all the pieces are there. I must add, this is the same one I had as a child. The one with all pieces in the bucket? Do you all remember? Mr.Potato Head in the store today just is not the same at all and I just don't think he resembles the loved character in the movie Toy Story either.
Toys today just are not the same. I miss the little dolls in cupcakes that could be flipped into a doll and smelled so yummy. The sky dancers that when you pull the string they flew in the air. A doll that really crawled, another doll that roller skated, or one that was a ballerina and did dance moves. What about the water babies? Those were cute and fun too. O and who remembers the loved cabbage patch dolls with yarn hair and plastic shoes? Now those were some of my favorite and very cool toys. I loved the Barbie doll BEFORE she had a belly button and a different husband and when you could actually buy a Ken doll. Whatever happened to the Barbie aisle being not half, but TWO whole aisles?! Yes, I do have a boy but I still try to keep up to date on the new toys and books and all that as all girl or boy.
But here are some pictures of our Mr. Potato Head fun day!

That was our fun today. happy Friday, now off to snuggle with movies and popcorn with my handsome boy. What were some of the toys you miss from your childhood? Have you came across any like I have and bought them to share with your littles?


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