Monday, January 24, 2011

A 'P'ig says, Oink Oink!!

Pigs are what we learned about today to learn about the letter p. It was a jam packed day full of fun,learning, and crafting. Last week I made a water sensory tub and it brought to my attention Colton had so much fun so I will have to think of a fun way to do a sensory tub this week too.
So, I thought about a couple different bags of beans my mom will never use and added in some pigs,a farmer,a tractor,a tractor scooper,and a couple other animals. Not much was involved in the tub and I didn't think too hard or worried about all the deatils just as long as there was some sort of scooper to pour and pigs were in it was all that really mattered to me. While I was putting this together I had a magic water painting for colton of a piggybank to do. I would have snagged some shots of him but he ripped it and then decided to just move on since I have showed them enough for you all to know what it is anyways. So here is our tub and boy let me tell you this is SO FUN!

It does not take much for all this fun!

I just caught him at the right time...

While he was playing, I read the Farm animal book I bought. It came with a wipe off marker and some farm animals. In the book was all about the farm, animals, and what the farmers do. In the back there is a bunch of wipe off pages of activities. As well as a two page spread of a farm you fill with stickers. This book is AMAZING and a GREAT learning tool! I found it for $3.50, but would have paid more.

remember the Ocean book from last week? this is just like it...

I love how the animals 'float' in art teacher from high school would cringe
SO while Colton played and I read and we went through all the animals and what they say. After, I let him be content playing and I made chocolate chip pancakes for our story time. We haven't had one in a while and I felt like we had the perfect book that just so happened to NOT be in a box packed away. "If you give a Pig a pancake" so he ate his lunch and I read this twice by his request. I must say these books are the best.

The day continued with another fun little story the "3 little pigs" I cut up some yellow strips for hay, cut up some toothpicks for sticks,and craft sticks for bricks. Along with 3 pigs. We blew the houses down as us being the wolves and then we changed the story up and glued the houses down after we blew them down. the only one we left alone was the brick home. This was fun learning another story.

We then played and had nap and dinner and of course bath night was tonight too. Of course as he was washing his piggies I told him the five little pigs as we were trying to find some toe jam lol. After bath we painted, haha yeah a little backwards. But I painted and he watched. But once everything was dry he did some gluing. We made a pig! Paper plate painted pink, cut 2 egg holes from carton and cut 1 in half all painted pink. I also cut 2 strips for nostrils and 2 round black eyes. I added  mouth with a crayon and two craft sticks to hold it up. Then before bed we ready "If you give a pig a pancake" again and again!
Maybe I should have painted a different pink...and wipe the glue off

So that was our fun filled day! Not much time to watch television and I did not get on the computer until 11 for a little bit before luncha nd more fun. I must say today was definitely on a top list! I definitely enjoyed my Rays of Sunshine today!


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